West Virginia Wrestling

USA Team West Virginia Qualifier Results

March 24, 2001
Cabell Midland High School
Junior J
Cadet C
Schoolboy S

C 88 1st Stanley Jacob

C 94.5 1st Shaw Jarod

C 103.5 1st Easter Anthony
C 103.5 2nd Mazzella Andy
C 103.5 3rd Demastes Brandon

C 112 1st Frerichs Jacob
C 112 2nd Humphrey Brian
C 112 3rd Garvin Jared

C 121 1st Shaw Braden
C 121 2nd Ray Jeremy
C 121 3rd Dudley Jared

C 132 1st Young Seth
C 132 2nd Nelson Chad

C 143 1st Waldeck Mike
C 143 2nd Taylor Nick
C 143 3rd De Vault Micheal

C 154 1st Lauderman Lee
C 154 2nd Weese Travis
C 154 3rd Queen Ashton

C 167 1st Nelson James
C 167 2nd Tominack Cody
C 167 3rd Radcliff Curt

C 182.5 1st Reynolds Andy
C 182.5 2nd Ferguson Aaron
C 182.5 3rd Barker Derek

C 209 1st Clark Josh
C 209 2nd Hutchinson Kenny
C 209 3rd Richardson Adam

C 242 1st Washburn Trevor
C 242 2nd Johnson Stephen
C 242 3rd Morrison Shane

J 105.5 1st Cappas Luke

J 114.5 1st Allen Pete
J 114.5 2nd Glasser Aaron

J 123 1st Easter Matt
J 123 2nd Smith Matt

J 132 1st Bosley Matt
J 132 2nd Strong Allan

J 143 1st Gibbs Chris
J 143 2nd Mayle Blane
J 143 3rd Rosensteel Mathew

J 154 1st Ripley Robbie
J 154 2nd Bliss Phil
J 154 3rd King Willis

J 165 1st Dagget Casey
J 165 2nd Geary Brandon
J 165 3rd Reed Jimmy

J 178 1st Courtney Jeff
J 178 2nd Daggett Chris
J 178 3rd May Jason

J 191.5 1st Williams David

J 220 1st Dilworth John

J 275 1st McCourt Jeremiah
J 275 2nd Messinger Drew

J 275 3rd Vance Eric

S 75 1st Felton Daniel

S 85 1st Leithead Andy
S 100 1st Miller Henry
S 130 1st Rhodes Bart
S 130 2nd Chapman Andy

Note: The above results are for determining placement on the WV National Team. Some weight classes were combined and the actual bracket results may differ.

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