West Virginia Wrestling

2001 Mason Co. Youth Wrestling Championships

Date: March 31

Place: Point Pleasant High School

Teams Bulldogs - Point Pleasant Feeder
Stingers - Point Pleasant Feeder
Raiders - Point Pleasant Feeder
Knights - Point Pleasant Feeder
Warriors - Wahama High & Meigs,OH Feeder
Pythons - Gallipolis,OH & Jackson,OH Feeder

Small Fry Division (PK-2nd)

1st - Adam Thomas (Bulldogs)
2nd- Trevor Porter (Knights)
3rd- Dillon Moore (Stingers)
4th- Jason Schultz (Knights)
5th- Jonathan Peterson (Raiders)

1st- Steven Porter (Knights) 1st Jr. States
2nd- Noah Searls (Knights) 3rd Jr. States
3rd- Elijiah Cottrill (Bulldogs)
4th- Micah Powell (Knights)

45 Dev.
1st- Dakota Toth (Bulldogs)
2nd-Chase Casto (Pythons)
3rd- Chase Simpson (Pythons)
4th- Colter Painter (Stingers)
5th- Dalton Green (Pythons)

1st- Tanner Sayre (Bulldogs)
2nd- Jordan Messick (Bulldogs)
3rd- Clay VanMeter (Warriors)
4th- John Smith (Knights)
5th- Cory Gillenwater(Pythons)

50 Dev.
1st- Nick Hatfield (Raiders)
2nd- Zack Coe (Knights)
3rd- Alex Sommerville (Stingers)
4th- Dustin Hill (Pythons)
5th- Benjamin Bush (Pythons)
6th- Joseph Holland (Knights)

1st- Anthony Darst (Bulldogs)
2nd- Bradley Loomis (Stingers)
3rd- Jacob Taylor (Raiders)
4th- Zack Tackett (Pythons)
5th- Ryan Henry (Knights)
6th- Cole Bowman (Stingers)

1st- Josh Hereford (Bulldogs) 2nd Jr. States
2nd- Andres Moya (Warriors)
3rd- Regan Cottrill (Bulldogs)
4th- Cody Walters (Knights)

60 Dev.
1st- Mark Allen (Pythons)
2nd- Samuel Gordon (Bulldogs)
3rd- Joshua Haddox (Warriors)
4th- Jeremiah Knopp (Pythons)
5th- Brady Craft (Pythons)

1st- Travis Grimm (Bulldogs)
2nd- Jerimiah Hoffman (Warriors)
3rd- Evan Smith (Warriors)
4th- Jake Lavender (Warriors)
5th- Rocky Smith (Knights)
6th- Adam Lee (Bulldogs)

1st- Jacob Jones (Bulldogs) 6th Jr. States
2nd- Samuel Bolen (Warriors)
3rd- Eric Roberts (Raiders)
4th- Mike Musgrave (Stingers)
5th- Opie Lucas (Stingers)
6th- Chandler Geiger (Pythons)

1st- Devin Walker (Knights)
2nd- Tyler Wamsley (Raiders)
3rd- Ryan Anderson (Warriors)
4th- Jacob Gleason (Bulldogs)
5th- Gabriel Starcher (Warriors)
6th- Donavan Powell (Knights)

1st- Casey Hogg (Knights)
2nd- Daniel Jenkins (Warriors)
3rd- Jerrod Long (Bulldogs)
4th- Jamin Branch (Warriors)
5th- Aaron Landrum (Pythons)
6th- Jonathan Pearson (Warriors)

Cadet Division (3rd - 4th)

1st- Caleb Doung (Bulldogs) 4th Jr. States
2nd-Bryant Miller (Warriors)
3rd- Steven Kimberling (Knights)
4th- Cody Pullens (Pythons)

1st- Jared Searls (Knights) 5th Jr. States
2nd- Ray Gandee (Stingers) 3rd Jr. States
3rd- Cody Keefer (Bulldogs)
4th- Garrett Wamsley (Bulldogs)
5th- Matt Eller (Bulldogs)
6th- Matt McCormick (Knights)

1st- Gregie Jenkins (Warriors)
2nd- Zack McCormick (Knights)
3rd- Micaiah Branch (Warriors)
4th- Tyler Dewitt (Raiders) 3rd Jr. States
5th- Brandon Moore (Stingers)
6th- Troy Bailey (Raiders)

1st- Matt Thompson (Bulldogs)
2nd-Matthew Dangerfield (Warriors)
3rd-Brock McClung (Bulldogs)
4th-Chris Kingery (Pythons)

1st-Bryan Gregg (Stingers)
2nd-Nathan Roberts (Raiders)
3rd-Dennis Rogers (Stingers)
4th-David Wallace (Raiders)
5th-Eric Landrum (Pythons)
6th-Nathan Holley (Pythons)

1st-Derek Mitchell (Raiders) 3rd Jr. States
2nd-James Garrett (Raiders)
3rd-Robbie Henry (Knights)
4th-Dewey Stepp (Pythons)
5th-Zack Willet (Knights)
6th-Dewayne Smith (Kinghts)

1st-Justin Dewitt (Raiders)
2nd-Eric Veith (Stingers)
3rd-Bradley Robinson (Pythons)
4th-Dane Walters (Bulldogs)
5th-Cory Allen (Knights)
6th-Dakota Geiger (Pythons)

1st-James Rainey (Bulldogs)
2nd-Derek Rice (Pythons)
3rd-Ronnie Bolen (Warriors)
4th-AJ Painter (Stingers)
5th-Joey Barton (Warriors)

1st-Clay Krebs (Bulldogs) 2nd Jr. States
2nd-Corey Wilson (Raiders)
3rd-Andrew Blackburn (Pythons)
4th-Jared Taylor (Raiders)
5th-Cole Simpson (Pythons)

School Boy Division (5th-6th)

1st-Justin Brown (Pythons)
2nd-Anthony Jeffers (Bulldogs)
3rd-Ryan Messick (Bulldogs)
4th-Alex Stepp (Pythons)
5th-Will Garrison (Bulldogs)
6th-Matt McConihay (Bulldogs)

1st-Chris Thompson (Bulldogs)
2nd-Josh Woods (Raiders)
3rd-Chase Gibbeaut (Bulldogs)
4th-Kyle Smith (Warriors)
5th-Austin Wilford (Warriors)
6th-Nathan Spencer (Knights)

1st-Chris Dewitt (Raiders) 2nd Jr. States
2nd-Tre Pyles (Raiders) 3rd Jr. States
3rd-Brenton Clark (Warriors)
4th-Joshua Hart (Bulldogs)
5th-Brett Allen (Knights)
6th-Ross Pino (Knights)

1st-Travis Clark (Knights)
2nd-Nathaniel Roub (Bulldogs)
3rd-Josh Nott (Stingers)
4th-Tommy Blazer (Stingers)
5th-Justin Veith (Stingers)
6th-Chris Wallace (Raiders)

1st-James Casto (Stingers) 1st Jr. States
2nd-Nathan Stafford (Warriors)
3rd-Brian McCormick (Knights)
4th-Caleb Fooce (Pythons)

1st-Adam Barton (Warriors)
2nd-Seth Wolford (Pythons)
3rd-Cadrick Zerkle (Warriors)
4th-Brian Kimberling (Pythons)

Lt. Hwt.
1st-Nathaniel Burdette (Bulldogs) 5th Jr. States
2nd-Cassidy Wilford (Warriors)
3rd-Justin Bailey (Knights)
4th-Kevin Clark (Pythons)
5th-John Hipes (Stingers)
6th-Andrew Marcum (Bulldogs)

1st-Chris Cook (Bulldogs)
2nd-Benson Shirley (Stingers) 3rd Jr. States

The Mason Co. Youth League Had one of the best years ever. We had over 220 wrestlers in this years league. We split our league up into three divisions and had 29 weight classes. With the addition of Gallipolis,OH, Jackson,OH,&Meigs,OH to our league made it very competitive. I would like to thank: Point Pleasant High School, Roosevelt Elementary, Central Elementary, & Pt. Pleasant Middle for the use of the facilities. Coaches: LD Pyles & John Donahue (Raiders)John Bonecutter, Steve Porter, & Carl Hogg (Knights) Rick Stafford (Warriors) Todd May (Pythons) Dave DeWees & Joe Nott (Stingers)Dave Hereford & Mike Calandros (Bulldogs) thanks for the time you spent with our area wrestlers. Jack Cullen (PPHS Head Coach) and the supporters of the High School & Middle School wrestling programs thanks again for volunteering to help with the tournaments and matches.

David Darst

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