West Virginia Wrestling

Williamstown Junior Open

November 10, 2001
Williamstown, West Virginia

6 and Under

40 lbs 1st-
Dustin Warner- Twin City OH
2nd- Austin Murphy- Wirt Co
. 3rd- Garrett Furr- Pleasants Co.
4th- Trenton Allman- North Parkersburg

45 lbs
1st- Dalton George- Williamstown
2nd- Alex Arthur- Mineral Wells
3rd- Alex Arthur- Mineral Wells
4th- Tyler Francis- Wirt Co.

50 lbs
1st- Jake Tracewell- Williamstown
2nd- Zach Wilcoxen- Mineral Wells
3rd- Jordan Braniff- Wirt Co.
4th- Jacob Linville- Wirt Co.

55 lbs
1st- John Roberts- Ritchie Co.
2nd- Josh Mullins- Bufford PA
3rd- Zach Wilcoxen- Mineral Wells
4th- J.T. Stephens- Wirt Co.

1st- Cody Smith- Lubeck
2nd- Caleb Ferguson- Wirt Co.
3rd- Brad Riddle- Ritchie Co.
4th- Billy Nicely- South Parkersburg

7 and 8

45 lbs
1st- Preston Harris- South Parkersburg
2nd- Anthony Miller- Lubeck
3rd- Chad Miller- South Parkersburg

50 lbs
1st- Jesse Shiffbauer- Mapletown
2nd- Brian Shively- Mineral Wells
3rd- Aaron Holbert- Mineral Wells
4th- Zac Wilson- Lubeck

55 lbs
1st- Zac Ayers- New Philadelphia
2nd- Dylan Cottrill- Roane Co.
3rd- Aaron Patton- Lubeck
4th- Corey Ratliff- Ripley

60 lbs
1st- Kyle Warner- Twin City
2nd- Cody Kelley- Williamstown
3rd- Corey Szabo- Wirt Co.
4th- Warren Cochran- Waterford

65 lbs
1st- Ethan Lockhart- Lubeck
2nd- Matthew Enoch- Mineral Wells
3rd- Steven Brogle- South Parkersburg
4th- Josh Selderight- New Philadelphia

70 lbs
1st- Oakley Cheavront- Wirt
2nd- Justin Hasley- Marietta
3rd- Brandon Bryan- Williamstown
4th- Cody Everett- Pleasants Co.

75 lbs
1st- Ryan Beck- Ritchie Co.
2nd-Cole White- Pleasants Co.
3rd- Levi Bayne- Lubeck
4th- Cory Sampson- Warren Wrestling

80 lbs
1st- Tom Collins- Marietta
2nd- Brandon Tallhamer- Lubeck

1st- Tom Collins- Marietta
2nd- Brandon Tallhamer- Lubeck

9 and 10

55 lbs
1st- Tyler Reed- Waterford
2nd- Zac Davis- Pleasants Co.
3rd- Cody Clinton- Ripley
4th- James Brogle- South Parkersburg

60 lbs
1st- Cody Garbrandt- Twin City
2nd- Derek Wilson- Pleasants Co.
3rd- Dean Miller- Warren Wrestling
4th- Anderew Jones- Williamstown

65 lbs
1st- Derek Wilson- Pleasants Co.
2nd- Michael Schlarb- New Philadelphia
3rd- Dylan Brizendine- Pleasants Co.
4th- Brandon Davis- South Parkersburg

70 lbs
1st- Nate Nupp- Marietta
2nd- Dillon Mefford- Ritchie Co.
3rd- Jon Wright- Mineral Wells
4th- Eric Hill- Lubeck

75 lbs
1st- Josh Valentine- Wirt Co.
2nd- Tony Jones- Williamstown
3rd- Joel St Clair- Lubeck
4th- Jared Adkins- Independent

80 lbs
1st- Dustin Boyles- Bufford PA
2nd- Holly Watson- Lubeck
3rd- Kelby Williams- Marietta
4th- Joe Selderight- North Philadelphia

85 lbs
1st- Jake Justice- Independent
2nd- Mark Board- Williamstown
3rd- C. D. Cox- Pleasants Co.
4th- Bryan Gregg- Ripley

1st- Randy Tallhamer- Lubeck
2nd- Zach Smith- Wirt Co.
3rd- Devin Dye- Wirt Co.
4th- Chris Francis- Pleasant Co.

11 and 12

70 lbs
1st- Brandon Wilson- Pleasants Co.
2nd- Stephan Sturm- Marietta
3rd- Justin Smith- Waterford
4th- Cody Pennybacker- Williamstown

75 lbs
1st- Brandon Wilson- Pleasants Co.
2nd- Danny Palmateer- Pleasants Co.
3rd- Zack Hayes- Hard Core Wrestling
4th- Corey Farley- Waterford

80 lbs
1st- Mackenzie Peters- Williamstown
2nd- Rich Tomer- Shaler PA
3rd- Michael Battin- Lubeck
4th- Tyler Riddle- Ripley

85 lbs
1st- Mackenzie Peters- Williamstown
2nd- Jake Justice- Independent
3rd- Logan Martin- Ripley
4th- Thomas Bryant- Ripley

90 lbs
1st- Aaron Hinzman- Ritchie Co.
2nd- Brandon Sturm- Williamstown
3rd- Mark Board- Williamstown
4th- Derek Hall- South Parkersburg

95 lbs
1st- Tommy Little- Pleasant Co.
2nd- Jarrett Klemans- Clay
3rd- Rob Pennington- Ritchie Co.
4th- Chase Hyde- Ritchie Co.

105 lbs
1st- Cody Miracle- Lubeck
2nd- Daniel Cox- Pleasants Co.
3rd- Ryan Stoops- Lubeck
4th- Mark Shaffer- Herbert Hoover

115 lbs
1st- Corey Cronin- Pleasants Co.
2nd- Billy Smith- Mineral Wells
3rd- Conner Phillips- Vienna
4th- David Schlarb- North Philadelphia

1st- Nick Munday- Independent
2nd- Dan Nicholson- Marietta
3rd- Devin Dye-Wirt Co.
4th- Chris Francis- Pleasants Co.

13 to 15

85 lbs
1st- Scott Stilgenbauger- Independent
2nd- Ryan Flowers- Williamstown
3rd- Scott Wells- Williamstown

90 lbs
1st- Chris Reyes- Independent
2nd- Ryan Flowers- Williamstown

100 lbs
1st- Jake Hayes- Hard Core Wrestling
2nd- Tommy Little- Pleasants Co.
3rd- Jason Lauderman- Williamstown
4th- Jonathan Watson- Lubeck

110 lbs
1st- Raymond Myers- Williamstown
2nd- Thomas Miller- Pleasants Co.
3rd- Corey Cronin- Pleasants Co.
4th- Jason Lauderman- Williamstown

120 lbs
1st- Josh Bayle- Hard Core Wrestling
2nd- Daniel Cook- Cammack Middle
3rd- Alex Dunn- Williamstown
4th- Conner Phillips- Vienna

130 lbs
1st- Matt Powell- Lubeck
2nd- Mitchell Bunchen
3rd- Bryan Teter- South Parkersburg
140 lbs
1st- Paul Goodrich- Calhoun Co.
2nd- Brian Bush- Independent

150 lbs
1st- Nick Munday- Independent
2nd- Josh Watson- Independent
3rd- Justin Adkins- Independent
4th- Paul Goodrich- Calhoun Co.

1st- Matt Nicholson- Marietta
2nd- Alex Ingle- Hard Core Wrestling
3rd- Evan Landers- Williamstown
4th- Anthony Sinnett- North Parkersburg

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