West Virginia Wrestling

Cabell Huntington Hospital Classic

Date: Dec. 1 & 2, 2000

Location: Cammack Middle School Huntington

Team Scores:

Milton 241.0
Chesapeake Ohio 214.5
Beverly Hills 193.5
Andrew Jackson 178.0
Barboursville 118.0
Cammack 111.0
Wahama 62.0
West 45.5
Milton "B" 45.0
Enslow 42.0

80 Championship: Miles (Mil) def Dudley (Cam)
85 Championship: Stanley (BV) def Simmons (Mil)
90 Championship: Simmons (Ches) def Wilson (BV)
95 Championship: Wood (Mil) def Warner (Ches)
102 Championship: Hoge (Mil) def Thompson (AJ)
110 Championship: Linsenmyer (BV) def Rollings (AJ2)
116 Championship: White (Ches) def Kerns (AJ)
123 Championship: Thompson (BH) def Buell (AJ)
128 Championship: Nelson (BH) def Caynor (Ches)
135 Championship: Cremeans (Mil) def Woods (Cam)
145 Championship: Hanes (AJ) def Roby (Ches)
155 Championship: Ollom (AJ) def Ferguson (BH)
165 Championship: Johnson (Mil) def Carriero (Cam)
190 Championship: Ferguson (BH) def Thomas (Ches)
250 Championship: Price (Cam) def Washburn (BH)

80 Third Place: Creive (West) def Fraley (BH)
85 Third Place: Smith (Ches) def Evans (AJ)
90 Third Place: Rittenhouse (Mil) def Heston (AJ)
95 Third Place: Ellis (Wah) def Kay (AJ)
102 Third Place: Bryan (West) def Cardwell (Mil3)
110 Third Place: Marcum (Ches) def Collins (West)
116 Third Place: Moye (Mil) def Branch (Wah)
123 Third Place: Beckett (Mil) def Daniels (Ches 2)
128 Third Place: Barton (Wah) def Carter (Mil)
135 Third Place: Wyrick (BH) def Chapman (Mil 2)
145 Third Place: Nicely (BH) def Carter (Mil)
155 Third Place: Cloninger (Ens) def Adkins (Ches)
165 Third Place: Dolen BV) def Eldridge (Ches)
190 Third Place: Sparks (BV) def Neal (Mil)
250 Third Place: Morrison (Ens) def Leonard (Wah)

Submitted by: Coach Jim LeMaster / Milton Middle School

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