West Virginia Wrestling

Results Wood Co. Recreation Pee Wee Wrestling

Friday, December 1, 2000 at Mineral Wells

Lubeck (1-0) 63 Vienna (0-1) 48

S. Terrell (Vie) pinned S. McConnell (Lub) 1st
B. Linville (Lub) pinned J. Renholz (Vie) 1st
Z. Wilson (Lub) dec. B. Wilson (Vie) 13-10
A. Lindamood (Vie) dec. C. Smith (Lub) 5-3
T. Wilson (Vie) pinned M. Moore (Lub) 1st
E. Lockhart (Lub) pinned M. Seller (Vie) 2nd
C. Morrison (Vie) pinned A. Berry (Vie) 1st
J. St.Clair (Lub) pinned B. Updike (Vie) 2nd
M. Leach (Vie) pinned A. Dye (Lub) 2nd
M. Battin (Lub) pinned C. Updike (Vie) 1st
C. Moore (Lub) pinned L. Schafer (Vie) 2nd
D. Wigal (Lub) win by forfeit
Z. Renholz (Vie) pinned A. Flinn (Lub) 1st
C. Ferrell (Vie) dec. A. Emrick (Lub) 15-10
M. Lindamood (Vie) pinned C. Miracle (Lub) 1st
R. Stoops (Lub) pinned C. Phillips (Vie) 3rd
M. Staats (Lub) pinned S. Newberry (Vie) 1st
J. Laiseau (Lub) win by forfeit
J. Schafer (Vie) pinned S. St.Clair (Lub) 1st
Hwt- J. Adkins (Lub) pinned Z. Noland (Vie) 1st

South Parkersburg (1-0) 57 Mineral Wells (0-1) 46

J. Fordyce (SP) pinned A. Arthur (MW) 1st
D. Smith (SP) pinned J. Enoch (MW) 2nd
A. Holbert (MW) maj. dec. A. Workman (SP) 17-8
J. Laird (MW) pinned T. Karcher (SP) 1st
Norman (MW) pinned D. Caplinger (SP) 2nd
C. Church (SP) dec. M. Enoch (MW) 6-0
J. Teeter (SP) pinned T. Dickel (MW) 2nd
C. Matheny (SP) dec. A. Metz (MW) 4-2 O.T.
A. Wilson (SP) pinned T. Linder (MW) 2nd
J. Hershberger (MW) pinned J. Lemon (SP) 1st
D. Fordyce (SP) pinned M. Hall (MW) 1st
R. Wright (MW) pinned A. Smith (SP) 1st
C. Buckbee (MW) dec. M. Fordyce (SP) 6-0
D. Fought (SP) pinned S. Fordyce (MW) 2nd
D. Hall (SP) pinned T. Dickel (MW) 1st
D. Dickel (MW) dec. D. Love (SP) 6-0
J. Wilson (SP) dec. B. Smith (MW) 5-1
B. Teeter (SP) win by forfeit
Z. Coss (SP) pinned D. Sams (MW) 1st
Hwt- J. Fordyce (MW) pinned R. Casselburg (SP) 1st

Wirt Co. (1-0) 110 North Parkersburg (0-1) 6

T. Francis (Wirt) pinned E. Clark (NP) 1st
J. Braniff (Wirt) win by forfeit
N. Morgan (Wirt) win by forfeit
J. T. Stephens (Wirt) win by forfeit
C. Szabo (Wirt) win by forfeit
C. Ferguson (Wirt) tech.fall C. Hart (NP) 15-0
D. Cheuvront (Wirt) win by forfeit
C. Shearer (Wirt) win by forfeit
J. Valentine (Wirt) pinned A. Hudson (NP) 1st
Z. Cheuvront (Wirt) win by forfeit
C. Walker (Wirt) pinned J. Clark (NP) 1st
M. Morgan (Wirt) pinned P. Lass (NP) 2nd
R. Goodwin (Wirt) pinned A. Hudson (NP) 1st
B. Ferguson (Wirt) pinned L. Carpenter (NP) 1st
M. Littleton (Wirt) win by forfeit
B. Lewis (Wirt) win by forfeit
Z. Dorsey (Wirt) win by forfeit
S. Dorsey (Wirt) win by forfeit
J. Shrader (Wirt) win by forfeit
Hwt- M. Politz (NP) pinned D. Goodnight (Wirt) 1st

Williamstown (1-0) 71 Ripley (0-1) 38

D. George (Will) tech.fall P. Martin (Rip) 16-0
D. Galloway (Will) pinned L. Bryant (Rip) 1st
J. Tracewell (Will) pinned C. Stalnaker (Rip) 2nd
C. Ratliff (Rip) dec. C. Kelley (Will) 6-3
T. White (Rip) tech.fall J. Wigal (Will) 17-0
T. George (Will) pinned G. Ryder (Rip) 1st
59- L. Cullum (Will) win by forfeit
L. Parsons (Rip) pinned Brandon Bryan (Will) 1st
K. Hatcher (Rip) pinned R. Fenton (Will) 1st
R. Flowers (Will) pinned B. Parsons (Rip) 1st
M. Peters (Will) pinned D. Darlak (Rip) 2nd
L. Martin (Rip) dec. T. DuVall (Will) 11-10
T. Bryant (Rip) pinned B. Williamson (Will) 2nd
J. Lauderman (Will) pinned J.J. Johnson (Rip) 1st
M. Price (Rip) pinned L.B. Wingrove (Will) 2nd
J. White (Rip) dec. C. Fluharty (Will) 9-7
A. Dunn (Will) pinned J. James (Rip) 2nd
115- T. Spicer (Will) win by forfeit
D. Walters (Will) win by forfeit
Hwt- P. Pepper (Will) pinned D. Harrison (Rip) 1st

Rankings Wood Co. Recreation Pee Wee Wrestling

1. Lubeck 1 0
2. South Parkersburg 1 0
3. Williamstown 1 0
4. Wirt Co. 1 0
5. Mineral Wells 0 1
6. North Parkersburg 0 1
7. Ripley 0 1
8. Vienna 0 1

Next Match

December 8, 2000 at Mineral Wells

6:30 Mat 1 Lubeck vs. Wirt Co
Mat 2 North Parkersburg vs.Williamstown

8:00 Mat 1 Mineral Wells vs. Ripley
Mat 2 South Parkersburg vs. Vienna

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