West Virginia Wrestling

Jackson 72 Ritchie MS 12

Date: 5 Dec 2000
Location: VanDevender

80: df
85: Robbie Hammond (J) wbf
90: Robbie Spencer (J) p. Nick Mosser 2nd
95: Scooter Myers (J) wbf
102: Josh Bailey (J) p. Eric Mason 3rd
110: Archer (J) wbf
116: Gary Hawley (J) wbf
123: Chris Riggs (R) p. Andy Auger 3rd
128: Danny Boone (R) p. Porter 2nd
135: Alex Stanley (J) p. Alan Siers 1st
145: Canis Rader (J) wbf
155: Chad Wilson (J) wbf
165: James Thomas (J) wbf
250: Alex Engle (J) wbf
Comments: 190: D.W. West (J) wbf

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