West Virginia Wrestling

Athens Olympic Pool Tournament Results

Date: 12-9-00

Location: Athens OH

1st Point Pleasant 191
2nd Chesapeake 157
3rd Athens 136
4th Marietta 114
5th Philo Middle 104
6th Watkins
Memorial 101
7th Crooksville 77
8th Fairfield Union 77
9th Nelsonville York 69

80: 1st Justin Cullen PP
85: 3rd Adam Halstead PP
90: 3rd Cody Pumphrey PP
95: 1st Brent Hereford PP
102: 1st Brandon Warner PP
110: 1st Josh Russell PP; 4th Jacob Gillispie PP
116: 1st Josh McCarty PP
123: 4th David Cheesebrew PP
128: 1st Nathan Moore PP
145: 6th CJ Pierson PP
165: 4th Robbie Willamson PP; 5th James Richardson
250: 1st Josh McCormick PP
Comments: This was an Olympic Pool Tournament with 5 Wrestlers in each pool. The winners of each pool Wrestle for the Championship. This was the first time Point Pleasant has won this tournament

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