West Virginia Wrestling


Date: December 16 2000
Location: BCMS

Team Scores
1. Harpers Ferry 41
2. Braxton 36
3. Spencer 28
4. Independence 11
5. Clay 10
6. Collins 10
7. Harp. F. B 7
8. Brax. B 4

80 Championship: Boggs (SP) def. Galford (HF)
85 Championship: Griffin (SP) def. Nelson (HF)
90 Championship: Ridler (BX) def. Callahan (COL)
95 Championship: Dillow (HF) def. Adams (BX)
102 Championship: Stewart (IND) def. Stevens (BX)
110 Championship: Digman (BX) def. Luciano (HF)
116 Championship: Jarvis (SP) def. Hodges (IND)
123 Championship: Kendall (SP) def. Nunn (COL)
128 Championship: Jagielski (BX) def. Thompson (HF)
135 Championship: Ebhardt (HF) def. Mitchell (CL)
145 Championship: Davis (HF) def. Watson (SP)
155 Championship: Warner (HF) def. Tanner (BX)
165 Championship: Sillex (HF) def. O'Malley (BX)
190 Championship: Riesi (HF) def. McKinney (BX)
250 Championship: Hacker (BX) def. Hackney (HF)

80 Third Place: Rash (IND) def. Morris (BX)
85 Third Place: Thorne (CL) def. Polk (COL)
90 Third Place: Griffin (SP) def. Penland (HF)
95 Third Place: Sasser (SP) def. West (HFB)
102 Third Place: Smith (HF) def. Jarvis (SP)
110 Third Place: Dawson (CL) def. Stover (COL)
116 Third Place: Moore (BXB) def. Landon (HF)
123 Third Place: Berry (BX) def. O'Connell (HF)
128 Third Place: McKinney (IND) def. Branard (SP)
135 Third Place: Flynt (BXB) def. Wright (HFB)
145 Third Place: Stout (BX) def. Licoda (HFB)
155 Third Place: Bush (SP) def. Coleman (COL)
165 Third Place: Smith (HFB) def. Hyer (SP)
190 Third Place: Harper (CL) def. Adkins (COL)
250 Third Place: Longerbeam (HFB) def. Johnson (CL)

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