Virginia Wrestling

Garrett County Inviataional

Date: 1/5/02
Location: Southern Garrett High School, Oakland, Maryland

Team Scores:
1. Braxton County 182.0
2. Northern Garrett 172.5
3. Francis Scott Key 140.5
4. Keyser High 105.5
5. Lansdowne High 95.0
6. Southern Garrett 81.0
7. Linganore High 51.0
8. Robert C Byrd 47.0
9. Crossland High 35.0

103 Championship: Tim Miller (LIN) p. Adam Ridler (BC) 1:13
112 Championship: Shawn Sims (LAN) Inj Default over Matt Morris (BC)
119 Championship: Ryan Smith (K) p. Brandon Digman (BC) 2:39
125 Championship: Ryan Brown (LAN) dec. Pete Stein (NG) 4-2 ot
130 Championship: Lee Crowl (FSK) tec fall Lance Hines (BC) 17-2
135 Championship: Josh Kellemen (FSK) dec. Corey Kyle (K) 6-5
140 Championship: Colin Wine (BC) p. David Smith (K) 1:58
145 Championship: Darric Kamp (NG) p. Jason Weeks (SG) 3:36
152 Championship: Andy Stewart (BC) p. Jordon Brenneman (NG) 4:54
160 Championship: Kris Knox (NG) p. Glen Tanner (BC) 1:11
171 Championship: Tavon Watson (LAN) p. Mike Mayberry (FSK) 2:49
189 Championship: Kevin Poling (K) p. Dustin Wiles (FSK) 4:36
215 Championship: Jamie Gonzalez (RCB) p. Mark O'Reilly (K) 3:12
275 Championship: Trey Brenneman (NG) tec fall Nick Hoover (K) 18-3

103 Third Place: John Weishaar (FSK) p. Gary Bichell (LAN) 4:44
112 Third Place: Justin Gregory (SG) p. Andrew Suter (K) 2:17
119 Third Place: Evan Charles (LIN) dec. Eric Garlitz (NG) 7-6
125 Third Place: Jim Weishaar (FSK) p. Cole Fazenbaker (K) 4:37
130 Third Place: Scott Wildesen (SG) dec. Michael Wolf (NG) 5-3
135 Third Place: Michael Madia (RCB) p. Dusty Wine (BC) :44
140 Third Place: Mitchell Guard (NG) dec. Michael Sarando (C) 3-2
145 Third Place: Brandon Anderson (BC) p. Brandon Rader (K) 2:46
152 Third Place: Gage Rindt (FSK) dec. Leon Thomas (C) 8-2
160 Third Place: Geoff Tressler (SG) p. Brandon Lyons (FSK) 2:47
171 Third Place: Patrick O'Malley (BC) p. Lee Yoder (NG) 1:31
189 Third Place: Jeff Nelson (RCB) p. John Beachy (NG) 4:29
215 Third Place: Charles Blankenship (BC) p. Gordon Yi (C) 2:18
275 Third Place: Marcus Wells (C) p. Travis Saunders (RCB) 2:45

103 Champ Semi A: Miller (LIN) p. Bichell (LAN) 1:50
103 Champ Semi B: Ridler (BC) p. Weishaar (FSK) 5:20

112 Champ Semi A: Sims (LAN) dec. Gregory (SG) 7-1
112 Champ Semi B: Morris (BC) p. Suter (K) :50

119 Champ Semi A: Smith (K) p. Garlitz (NG) 5:23
119 Champ Semi B: Digman (BC) p. Charles (LIN) 2:43

125 Champ Semi A: Stein (NG) dec. Fazenbaker (K) 9-1
125 Champ Semi B: Brown (LAN) p. Keiling (LIN) :41

130 Champ Semi A: Hines (BC) dec. Wolf (NG) 17-9
130 Champ Semi B: Crowl (FSK) p. Wildesen (SG) 1:56

135 Champ Semi A: Kyle (K) tec fall Wine (BC) 16-0
135 Champ Semi B: Kellemen (FSK) dec Madia (RCB) 7-6

140 Champ Semi A: Wine (BC) dec Toth (RCB) 5-4
140 Champ Semi B: Smith (K) p. Hayhurst (SG) 1:03

145 Champ Semi A: Kamp (NG) p. Rader (K) 2:45
145 Champ Semi B: Weeks (SG) p. Anderson (BC) 3:08

152 Champ Semi A: Stewart (BC) dec Rindt (FSK) 8-2
152 Champ Semi B: Brenneman (NG) dec Thomas (C) 7-6

160 Champ Semi A: Knox (NG) p. Tressler (SG) 5:11
160 Champ Semi B: Tanner (BC) p. Lyons (FSK) 3:12

171 Champ Semi A: Mayberry (FSK) p. O'Malley (BC) 4:41
171 Champ Semi B: Watson (LAN) p. Yoder (NG) 5:49

189 Champ Semi A: Wiles (FSK) tec fall Beachy (NG) 22-5
189 Champ Semi B: Poling (K) p. Nelson (RCB) 3:23

215 Champ Semi A: Gonzalez (RCB) dec Snider (NG) 10-7
215 Champ Semi B: O'Reilly (K) p. Yi (C) 1:09

275 Champ Semi A: Brenneman (NG) p. Oliverio (SG) 1:46
275 Champ Semi B: Hoover (K) p. Wells (C)

Comments: Ryan Brown (125) fron Lansdowne was selected Outstanding Wrestler

Submitted by: Coach Dave Taylor (SG)
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