Virginia Wrestling

Jackson County Invitational

Date: Jan 4&5, 2002
Location: Ripley, WV

Team Scores:
1 Ripley 253.5
2 Pt. Pleasant 204
3 Wirt Co. 178.5
4 Independance 173
5 St. Marys 144
6 Greenbrier West 109.5
7 Roane County 92
8 Liberty Raleigh 91
9 Wahama 59.5
10 Ravenswood 57
11 St Albans 53.5
12 Midland Trail 48
13 Big Creek 39.5
14 Prestonsburg KY 35.5
15 Ripley B 25
16 Roane Co B 11
17 Greenbriar West B 7
18 Prestonsburg KY B 3

103 Championship: E. Dye (Wirt) Dec. B. Snuffer (Independance) 4-2
112 Championship: B. Cooper (Ripley) Dec. D. Bartug (St Marys) 5-1
119 Championship: N. Chaffin (Prestonsburg) Dec. T. McCoy (Wirt) 7-2
125 Championship: J. Casto (Ripley) Dec. B. Mills (Independance) 6-3
130 Championship: Matt Smith (Ripley) Tech Fall N. Russell (Pt Pleasant)
135 Championship: Mitch Smith (Ripley) Pin N. Duncan (Pt Pleasant)
140 Championship: J. Nott (Pt Pleasant) Dec. A. Morello (Greenbriar West) 13-7
145 Championship: B. Wood (Independance) Pin W. King (Ripley)
152 Championship: M. Warner (Pt Pleasant) Dec. S.Sayre (Ripley) 5-3
160 Championship: M. Smith (Greenbriar West) Pin J Lott (Wirt)
171 Championship: R. Ward (Independance) Dec. B. Carico (Liberty Raleigh) 8-3
189 Championship: A. Barnette (Independance) Dec. F. Lafferty (Liberty Raleigh) 9-2
215 Championship: P. Hashman (St Marys) Pin G. Nicholson (Roane)
275 Championship: D. Raban (Ravenswood) Dec. A. Roachell (Ripley) 6-4

103 Third Place: E. Perry (Wahama) Pin T. Miller (St Marys)
112 Third Place: A. Daniel (Wirt) Pin J. Russell (Pt Pleasant)
119 Third Place: J. McCarty (Pt Plasant) Pin J. Hawkins (Liberty Raleigh)
125 Third Place: M. Dye (Wirt) Dec. J. McCoy (Pt Pleasant) 5-4
130 Third Place: P.Bell (Greenbriar West) Dec. D. Harmon (Big Creek) 11-4
135 Third Place: B. Dye (Wirt) Pin E. Dale (St Marys)
140 Third Place: C. Bennett (St Marys) Dec. D. Rhodes (Independance) 3-1
145 Third Place: T. Childers (St Marys) Dec. D. Dewees 3-1
152 Third Place: T. Weese (St Albans) Dec. C. Miller (Wirt) 5-4
160 Third Place: H. Rhodes (Independance) Pin J. Boone (Big Creek)
171 Third Place: B. Tucker (Ravenswood) Dec. J. Lively (Greenbriar West) 5-2
189 Third Place: T. Phalen (Ripley) Pin S. Craddock (Roane Co)
215 Third Place: A. Casto (Ripley) Pin H. Graley (St Albans)
275 Third Place: J. McCormick (Pt Pleasant) Pin K. Roberts (Midland Trail)

103 Fifth Place: J. Villafana (Ripley) Pin K. Sasser (Roane Co)
112 Fifth Place: R. Littleton (Big Creek) Tech Fall J. Workman (Midland Trail)
119 Fifth Place: J. McClure (Ripley) Forf C. Bolte (Roane Co)
125 Fifth Place: E. Ray (Roane Co) Pin S. Davis (St Marys)
130 Fifth Place: J. Smith (Wirt) BYE
135 Fifth Place: D. Miller (Roane Co) Pin J Daniel (Liberty Raleigh)
140 Fifth Place: D. Miller (Wirt) Pin D. Fitzpatrick (Midland Trail)
145 Fifth Place: B. Hodge (Wahama) Pin M. Thomas (St Albans)
152 Fifth Place: C. Burgess (Roane Co.) Pin B. Browning (Liberty Raleigh)
160 Fifth Place: D. Bonecutter Pin M. Ryder (St Albans)
171 Fifth Place: A. Rickard (Wahama) Pin D. Freeland (Roane Co)
189 Fifth Place: C. Tincher (Greenbriar West) Pin G. Watson (Roane Co B)
215 Fifth Place: P. Weaver (Ripley B) Pin C. White (Prestonsburg)
275 Fifth Place: M. Crookshanks (Greenbriar West) Pin J. Lowe (Wirt)

Comments: Mitch Smith (Ripley) voted Most Outstanding Wrestler by coaches.

Submitted by: Steve McClure

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