West Virginia Wrestling

Andrew Jackson Ironman tournament

(Partial Results--Cabell County Place Winners)

Top Three Teams:
Independence 338
Cammack 325
Park 310

80lbs 1.Knight(cammack)3.Broce(Bville)
85lbs 3.Lucas (cammack)
90lbs 2.Fraley(Beverly Hills)3.Worland(Cammack)
95lbs 4.Tench(Cammack)
100lbs 3. Barreto(Cam)4.Hannah(Cam)
105lbs 4.Hensley(Beverly Hills)
115lbs 1.Dixon(Beverly Hills)
135lbs 1.Runyon(Cammack)
145lbs 2.Sowards(Beverly Hills)4.Maynard(Cammack)
155lbs 2.Deal(Cammack)
170lbs 3.Rucker(Cammack)
190lbs 2.Cook(Beverly Hills)

these results where in the 1-13-02 edition of the huntington hearld dispatch

Barboursville Results (AJ Iron Man)

Date: 1/11-1/12 02
Location: At AJ

80: Nathan Broce took third place
85: Donnie Davis went 1-3
90: Josh Bailey went 1-3
115: Justin Black went 1-3
145: Brandon Plumley went 2-2 and Michael Duncan went 1-3
155: Nick Fralic went 1-2 and Josh Langdon went 1-2

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