West Virginia Wrestling

Kanawha County Middle School Championships

Date: January 24th&25th, 2002
Location: Dupont Middle School

75 Championship: 1st. Page ,Hayes: 2nd. Johnson,Sissonville
80 Championship: 1st Snodgrass,Mckinley: 2nd Price,Andrew Jackson
85 Championship: 1st. Hall, Dupont: 2nd Hanson,Elkview
90 Championship: 1st Smith,Mckinley: 2nd Rollins,Andrew Jackson
95 Championship: 1st. Mollohan,Elkview: 2nd Hudson,Mckinley
100 Championship: 1st. Owens,Dupont: 2nd Morris,Elkview
105 Championship: 1st. Easter,Andrew Jackson:2nd Dunlap,Hayes
115 Championship: 1st. Workman,Andrew Jackson: 2nd Meadows,Elkview
125 Championship: 1st. Thompson,Andrew Jackson:2nd Litton,John Adams
135 Championship: 1st. Page,Andrew Jackson:2nd Crouch,Stonewall
145 Championship: 1st Shaffer,Elkview:2nd Thomas,Andrew Jackson
155 Championship: 1st. Hammack,Sissonville:2nd Long,Dupont
170 Championship: 1st. Woodford,Mckinley:2nd English,Stonewall
190 Championship:
275 Championship: 1st Nichols,Stonewall:2nd Turner,Dupont

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