West Virginia Wrestling

41st Annual Wood County Jr. High Wrestling Championship

Parkersburg Memorial Fieldhouse
January 28-29, 2002

1 201 Blennerhassett
2 176.5 Edison
3 150 Jackson
4 87 Hamilton
5 80 VanDevender
6 64 Williamstown
7 36 Belpre
8 19 Ritchie County

Outstanding Wrestler
115 Casey Ice, Hamilton

Thanks Coach Bill Mollohan, Belpre Middle School
1974-2002, Retired

Finals Results

Wt Class: 75
Championship Ryan Flowers (7th), Williamstown fall Chuck Richards , Ritchie County 2:33
Consolation Mark Carpenter (7th), Blennerhassett fall Ryan Taylor (8th), Belpre 1:46

Wt Class: 80
Championship Sean Schultz , VanDevender dec Justin Delancy , Edison 11-4
Consolation Benji Powers (7th), Williamstown fall David Morehead , Blennerhassett 1:42

Wt Class: 85
Championship Scott Stilgenbauer (8th), Hamilton major Craig Johnson (8th), Williamstown 14-0
Consolation Travis Townsend (7th), Blennerhassett fall Adam Congdon , Ritchie County :35

Wt Class: 90
Championship Brandon Wolfe (8th), Blennerhassett major Jake Baldwin (7th), Edison 9-1
Consolation Adam Clegg (8th), Hamilton dec. Eric Fisher (7th), Jackson 17-11

Wt Class: 95
Championship Brandon Patton (9th), Blennerhassett fall Zack Rebholz (7th), Jackson 3:39
Consolation Chris Reyes (8th), Belpre fall Alex Hudson (7th), Hamilton 1:27

Wt Class: 100
Championship Aaron Kelley (8th), Edison dec Zac McCray (8th), Blennerhassett 3-1 OT
Consolation Steven Drennen (7th), Hamilton dec Zach Duncan (7th), Jackson 4-3

Wt Class: 105
Championship Chad Porter (8th), Blennerhassett major Jake Hayes (9th), Jackson 8-0
Consolation Matt Dunn (8th), Edison fall Brandon Baylor (7th), Williamstown :59

Wt Class: 115
Championship Casey Ice (9th), Hamilton dec Mike Staats (8th), Blennerhassett 5-2
Consolation Scooter Myers (9th), Jackson fall Brian Jumper , VanDevender 2:02

Wt Class: 125
Championship Drew Munson (9th), Blennerhassett major Josh Bailey (9th), Jackson 12-2
Consolation Nathan Hall , Edison fall Greg Joy (8th), Belpre 1:48

Wt Class: 135
Championship Shaun Smith (9th), Blennerhassett fall Bryan Teeter , VanDevender 2:34
Consolation Aaron White (9th), Jackson major Josh Harvey (8th), Belpre 15-4

Wt Class: 145
Championship Joey Lindamood (8th), Jackson dec Nick Munday (7th), Edison 9-8
Consolation Ryan Mathers (9th), Blennerhassett fall Jamie Hackathorn (9th), Hamilton 2:11

Wt Class: 155
Championship Codi Norman (8th), Edison fall Justin Adkins (9th), Hamilton :59
Consolation Justin Akers , VanDevender via forfeit Matt Powell (9th), Blennerhassett

Wt Class: 170
Championship Danny Whytsell (9th), Edison fall Dustin Combs (8th), Jackson :56
Consolation Matt Joy , VanDevender fall Josh Gains (8th), Blennerhassett 1:23

Wt Class: 190
Championship Billy Burnside (9th), Edison fall James Bell , VanDevender 4:03
Consolation J.D. Hall (9th), Jackson fall Corey Barr (9th), Blennerhassett :59

Wt Class: 275
Championship Josh Davis (9th), Edison via forfeit Alex Engle (8th), Jackson
Consolation Evan Landers (8th), Williamstown fall Jessi Barr (9th), Blennerhassett 4:17

1st Night Results

Weight: 85
Scott Stilgenbauer (8th), Hamilton Fall Travis Townsend (7th), Blennerhassett, 1:42
Ray Wright, Edison Fall Ian Bodenhoff (7th), Jackson, 19

Weight: 90
Eric Fisher (7th), Jackson M-Dec Adam Clegg (8th), Hamilton, 17-8

Weight: 95
Zack Rebholz (7th), Jackson Forf Shane Byers, Edison

Weight: 100
Aaron Kelley (8th), Edison Dec Ray Curry (8th), Belpre, 24

Weight: 105
Jake Hayes (9th), Jackson Forf Pratt, Ritchie County

Weight: 115
Josh Coles (8th), Belpre Forf Corey Bock, Edison
Scooter Myers (9th), Jackson Fall Brian Jumper, VanDevender, 2:30

Weight: 125
Greg Joy (8th), Belpre Fall J.T. Moreland (9th), Hamilton, 29

Weight: 135
Shaun Smith (9th), Blennerhassett Fall Alan Withrow (9th), Hamilton, 33
Aaron White (9th), Jackson Dec Josh Harvey (8th), Belpre, 8-5
Bryan Teeter, VanDevender Fall Russell Palm (7th), Williamstown, 48

Weight: 155
Justin Akers, VanDevender Dec Matt Powell (9th), Blennerhassett, 11-10

Weight: 190
James Bell, VanDevender Fall J.D. Hall (9th), Jackson, 1:25

Weight: 275
Jessi Barr (9th), Blennerhassett Fall Matthew Rockhold, VanDevender, 38.8
Alex Engle (8th), Jackson M-Dec K. Marlow, Hamilton, 11-2

Championship - Semifinals

Weight: 75
Ryan Flowers (7th), Williamstown Fall Ryan Taylor (8th), Belpre, 35
Chuck Richards, Ritchie County Fall Mark Carpenter (7th), Blennerhassett, 1:32

Weight: 80
Sean Schultz, VanDevender Fall David Morehead, Blennerhassett, 40.6
Justin Delancy, Edison Fall Benji Powers (7th), Williamstown, 1.02

Weight: 85
Scott Stilgenbauer (8th), Hamilton Fall Adam Congdon, Ritchie County, 57
Craig Johnson (8th), Williamstown Fall Ray Wright, Edison, 2:18

Weight: 90
Brandon Wolfe (8th), Blennerhassett Fall Devon Posey (8th), Belpre, 1:29
Jake Baldwin (7th), Edison Fall Eric Fisher (7th), Jackson, 28.4

Weight: 95
Brandon Patton (9th), Blennerhassett Fall Alex Hudson (7th), Hamilton, 32.8
Zack Rebholz (7th), Jackson M-Dec Chris Reyes (8th), Belpre, 10-2

Weight: 100
Aaron Kelley (8th), Edison T-Fall Steven Drennen (7th), Hamilton, 17-0
Zac McCray (8th), Blennerhassett Fall Zach Duncan (7th), Jackson, 25.8

Weight: 105
Chad Porter (8th), Blennerhassett Fall Brandon Baylor (7th), Williamstown, 50
Jake Hayes (9th), Jackson Dec Matt Dunn (8th), Edison, 4-0

Weight: 115
Mike Staats (8th), Blennerhassett Fall Josh Coles (8th), Belpre, 45
Casey Ice (9th), Hamilton Fall Scooter Myers (9th), Jackson, 1:31

Weight: 125
Drew Munson (9th), Blennerhassett Fall Greg Joy (8th), Belpre, 31
Josh Bailey (9th), Jackson Fall Nathan Hall, Edison, 2:59

Weight: 135
Shaun Smith (9th), Blennerhassett Fall Aaron White (9th), Jackson, 16.5
Bryan Teeter, VanDevender Fall Devin Smith, Edison, 15.1

Weight: 145
Joey Lindamood (8th), Jackson Fall Jamie Hackathorn (9th), Hamilton, 1:15
Nick Munday (7th), Edison M-Dec Ryan Mathers (9th), Blennerhassett, 10-2

Weight: 155
Codi Norman (8th), Edison Fall Justin Akers, VanDevender, 1:20
Justin Adkins (9th), Hamilton Fall Steve Astorg (9th), Jackson, 41

Weight: 170
Danny Whytsell (9th), Edison Fall Josh Gains (8th), Blennerhassett, 7
Dustin Combs (8th), Jackson M-Dec Matt Joy, VanDevender, 11-3

Weight: 190
Billy Burnside (9th), Edison Fall Anthony Sinnett, Hamilton, 1:33
James Bell, VanDevender Fall Corey Barr (9th), Blennerhassett, 1:13

Weight: 275
Josh Davis (9th), Edison Fall Jessi Barr (9th), Blennerhassett, 57.4
Alex Engle (8th), Jackson Dec Evan Landers (8th), Williamstown, 8-4

Consolation - 1st Round

Weight: 135
Josh Harvey (8th), Belpre Fall Alan Withrow (9th), Hamilton, 47

Consolation - Semifinals

Weight: 85
Travis Townsend (7th), Blennerhassett Fall Ray Wright, Edison, 34
Adam Congdon, Ritchie County Dec Ian Bodenhoff (7th), Jackson, 6-1

Weight: 90
Adam Clegg (8th), Hamilton Fall Devon Posey (8th), Belpre, 10.6

Weight: 95
Alex Hudson (7th), Hamilton Forf Shane Byers, Edison

Weight: 100
Zach Duncan (7th), Jackson Fall Ray Curry (8th), Belpre, 29.9

Weight: 105
Brandon Baylor (7th), Williamstown Forf Pratt, Ritchie County

Weight: 115
Scooter Myers (9th), Jackson Forf Corey Bock, Edison
Brian Jumper, VanDevender Dec Josh Coles (8th), Belpre, 8-7

Weight: 125
Nathan Hall, Edison Fall J.T. Moreland (9th), Hamilton, 28

Weight: 135
Josh Harvey (8th), Belpre Fall Devin Smith, Edison, 46
Aaron White (9th), Jackson Fall Russell Palm (7th), Williamstown, 20

Weight: 155
Matt Powell (9th), Blennerhassett Fall Steve Astorg (9th), Jackson, 1:20

Weight: 190
J.D. Hall (9th), Jackson Fall Anthony Sinnett, Hamilton, 27

Weight: 275
Evan Landers (8th), Williamstown Fall Matthew Rockhold, VanDevender, 1:12
Jessi Barr (9th), Blennerhassett Fall K. Marlow, Hamilto

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