West Virginia Wrestling

2002 MSAC Tournament

Date: 2-2-02
Location: Parkersburg Memorial Fieldhouse

Team Scores:

Parkersburg 237.5
Huntington 187.5
Ripley 163
Nitro 132
Cabell Midland 99
Spring Valley 62
Riverside 30
Hurricane 25
Logan 13
St.Albans 4
George Washington 2

103 Championship: A.Easter(n) def Shyver(p)
112 Championship: Rader(p) def Riner (hhs)
119 Championship: M.Easter(n) def Litton(p)
125 Championship: Frerichs(n) def Casto (r)
130 Championship: Williams(hhs) def Matt Smith (r)
135 Championship: Mitch Smith(r) def C.Nelson (hhs)
140 Championship: Gibbs(cm) def Waldeck (hhs)
145 Championship: George(p) def King (r)
152 Championship: Casto (n) def Chaney (hhs)
160 Championship: Mays (hhs) def Midkiff (n)
171 Championship: Marks(p) def Halstead (hurr)
189 Championship: Daggett(p) def Phalen (r)
215 Championship: Thomas(p) def Hutchinson (hhs)
275 Championship: Childers(cm) def Howard (sv)

103 Third Place: Villafana(r) def Wilson (cm)
112 Third Place: Cooper(r) def Allen(n)
119 Third Place: Hodges(cm) def Fullen(hhs)
125 Third Place: Ray(hhs) def Dowler(p)
130 Third Place: Knapp(p) def Jenkins(sv)
135 Third Place: Williamson (p) def Tucker (riv)
140 Third Place: Cornecelli (p) def Myers(n)
145 Third Place: Patick (hhs) def Damron (sv)
152 Third Place: Dowler(p) def Sayre (rip)
160 Third Place: Rushdon (logan) def Wilson (p)
171 Third Place: Hook(sv) def Taylor (hhs)
189 Third Place: Frazier (cm) def J.Nelson (hhs)
215 Third Place: Casto(r) def Richards (riv)
275 Third Place: Dearman (p) def Roachell (r)

Comments: high school wrestling websites:

Huntington High www.hhswrestling.com
Parkersburg High www.bigredmat.com
St. Albans High http://www.angelfire.com/wv/sahswrestling

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