Virginia Wrestling

Beckley Newspapers Invitational

Date: 12/8/01
Location: Shady Spring

Team scores

Woodrow Wilson 250
Greenbrier East 115
Liberty 98.5
Oak Hill 81.5
Big Creek 70
Shady Spring 63
Parkersburg South (B) 51
Wyoming East 47
Midland Trail 36
Iaeger 10

103 Championship: Sean Meade (WW) p. Robbie Belcher (Lib) 2nd
112 Championship: Ryan Bostic (WW) dec. Justin Wharton (WW-B) 17-5
119 Championship: Tyler Wilson (WW) p. John Ward (GE) 1st
125 Championship: Matt Vance(GE) p. Garland Ward (WW) 2nd
130 Championship: Zack Evans (WW) p. Doug Harmon (BC) 2nd
135 Championship: Joe Mc.Quillen (WW) p. Chris Holt (OH)
140 Championship: Jay Thomas (WW) dec. Shawn Garland(OH)
145 Championship: Justin Boyden (WW) p. Dave Hess (PS) 2nd
152 Championship: Josh Evans (WW) p. Scott Wilkenson (PS) 2nd
160 Championship: Aaron Stump (SS) p. Josh Sturgill (WW) 2nd
171 Championship: Buster Carico (Lib) p. Jason Boone (BC) 1st
189 Championship: Fred Lafferty (Lib) p. Keith Barr (WW) 1st
215 Championship: Robert Kincaid (SS) dec. Chris Jones (WE) 13-11 OT
275 Championship: David Dequaise (OH) p. Patrick Burns (GE) 1st

103 Third Place: T.J. Callahan (OH) def. Jackson Bowling (GE)
112 Third Place: Roy Littleton (BC) p. Brandon Ryan (OH) 3rd
119 Third Place: Cobin Thorn (WE) def. Josh Maxwell (I)
125 Third Place: Rocky Scarbro (Lib) dec. Brandon Wilburn (OH) 10-7
130 Third Place: Josh Daniel (Lib) p. Charlie Baldwin (GE) 2nd
135 Third Place: Jerry Clackler (MT) p. James Brown (GE) 3rd
140 Third Place: Eric Thorn (GE) def. Chris Wolfe (PS)
145 Third Place: Chuck Meadows (SS) def. Jack Longanacre (GE)
152 Third Place: Brandon Browning (Lib) p. David Betkijian (Lib-B) 3rd
160 Third Place: Josh Workman (GE) dec. Aaron Province (PS) 11-8
171 Third Place: Lindsey Ornsbee (GE) def. Curt Radcliff (PS)
189 Third Place: Jeremy Good (WW-B) p. Daniel Sanders (BC) 1st
215 Third Place: Justin Hatcher (WW) dec. Jeremy Weakley (GE) 9-6
275 Third Place: Kris Roberts (MT) p. Nathan Wilson (WW) 1st

103 Champ Semi A: Sean Meade (WW) p. Jackson Bowling (GE) 1st
103 Champ Semi B: Robbie Belcher (Lib) p. T.J. Callahan (OH) 3rd

112 Champ Semi A: Ryan Bostin (WW) won by fall
112 Champ Semi B: Justin Wharton (WW-B) won by fall

119 Champ Semi A: Tyler Wilson (WW) p. Josh Maxwell (I) 1st
119 Champ Semi B: John Ward (GE)def. Cobin Thorn (WE)

125 Champ Semi A: Garland Ward (WW) p. Brandon Wilburn (OH) 3rd
125 Champ Semi B: Matt Vance (GE) won by fall

130 Champ Semi A: Doug Harmon (BC) def. Charlie Baldwin (GE)
130 Champ Semi B: Zack Evans (WW) dec. Josh Daniel (Lib) 8-6

135 Champ Semi A: Joe Mc.Quillen (WW) won by fall
135 Champ Semi B: Chris Holt (OH) won by fall

140 Champ Semi A: Jay Thomas(WW) dec. Eric Thorn (GE)
140 Champ Semi B: Shawn Garland (OH) p. Jeremy Crouse (Lib) 2nd

145 Champ Semi A: Justin Boyden (WW) won by fall
145 Champ Semi B: Dave Hess (PS) won by fall

152 Champ Semi A: Josh Evans (WW) p. Carter King (GE) 2nd
152 Champ Semi B: Scott Wilkinson (PS) won by fall over (SS)

160 Champ Semi A: Aaron Stump (SS) p. Andrew Matheny (Lib-B) 1st
160 Champ Semi B: Josh Sturgill (WW) T.F. Brandon Ellison (Lib)

171 Champ Semi A: Jason Boone (BC) p. Lindsey Ornsbee (GE) 1st
171 Champ Semi B: Buster Carico (Lib) p. Curt Radcliff (PS) 2nd
189 Champ Semi A: Fred Lafferty (Lib) p. Jeremy Good (WW) 2nd
189 Champ Semi B: Keith Barr (WW) p. Daniel Sanders (BC) 1st

215 Champ Semi A: Robert Kincaid (SS) dec. Lincoln Harrison (Lib) 5-0
215 Champ Semi B: Chris Jones (WE) dec. John Hambrick (GE) 14-12

275 Champ Semi A: David Dequaise (OH) p. ?????? (WE) 1st
275 Champ Semi B: Patrick Burns (GE) dec. Kris Roberts (MT) 5-4

Comments: Bill Lilly Outstanding Wrestler Award- Matt Vance, Greenbrier East.

Submitted by: Jason Hackbarth

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