West Virginia Wrestling

2001 St. Albans Red Dragon Duals

@ Huntington High School 12/7-12/8/2001

Team Places

1st Huntington 10-0
2nd Hedgesville 9-1
3rd Pt. Pleasant 8-2
4th Sheldon-Clark (KY) 7-3
5th Independence 6-4
6th Herbert Hoover 4-6
7th Chesapeake (OH) 3-7
8th St. Albans 2-7
9th Riverside 2-8
10th Greenbrier West 2-7
11th George Washington 0-10

Top 3 Individual Awards per weight class:

103 lb.
1st Snuffer-Ind.
2nd Robinette-Sh. Cl.
3rd Jenkins-Ches.
112 lb.
1st Riner-Hunt.
2nd Ballam-Hed.
3rd Blake-Ind.
119 lb.
1st Clark-Sh. Cl.
2nd Fullen-Hunt.
3rd Grimm-Hed.
125 lb.
1st Ray-Hunt.
2nd Mills-Ind.
3rd McCoy-Pt. P.
130 lb.
1st Williams-Hunt.
2nd Russell-Pt. P.
3rd Roberts-SA
135 lb.
1st Duncan-Pt. P.
2nd Nelson-Hunt.
3rd Tucker-Riv.
140 lb.
1st Nott-Pt. P.
2nd Young-Hed.
3rd Myers-Hunt.
145 lb.
1st Lord-Hed.
2nd Wood-Ind.
3rd DeWeese-Pt. P.
152 lb.
1st Chaney-Hunt.
2nd Foltz-Hed.
3rd Morris-Hoover
160 lb.
1st Mays-Hunt.
2nd Smith-Green. W.
3rd Kinder-Ches.
171 lb.
1st Carr-Pt. P.
2nd Manning-Sh. Cl.
3rd Ward-Ind.
189 lb.
1st Nelson-Hunt.
2nd Barnette-Ind.
3rd Tincher-Green. W.
215 lb.
1st C. Files-Hed.
2nd Hutchinson-Hunt.
3rd Graley-SA
275 lb.
1st Richards-Riv.
2nd Preece-Sh. Cl.
3rd Washborn-Hunt.

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