West Virginia Wrestling

Ohio vs WV Super Duals

Date: Dec. 15th, 2001
Location: Chesapeake , Ohio

Team Scores: Based on:Champions - 4pts
Runner Up - 3 Pts
3rd place - 2 Pts
4th place - 1 Pt

Milton (WV) 31 pts
Point Pleasant (WV) 25 pts
Cammack (WV) 24 pts
Chesapeake (OH) 22 pts
Jackson (OH) 15 pts
Chillicothe Logan (OH) 13 pts
Gallia Academy (OH) 10 pts
Buffalo (WV) 6 pts

All matches were conducted at Ohio Weight Classes of 80,86,92,100,104,110,116,122, 128, 134,142,152,162,172,190 and 230. Empty spots were filled with B team wrestlers from other teams to provide matches.

***Note - 172 pound Weight Class
Championship - Rucker (Cam) over Woodridge (ChilL)
3rd - 4th Meade (CPeake) over Thornburgh (Cam 2)

75 Championship: Setliff (Milt) over Brown (Jack)
80 Championship: Smith (Buf) over Black (Buf 2)
85 Championship: Pumphrey (PtP) over Steele (ChiL)
90 Championship: Cullen (PtP) over Browning (CPeake)
95 Championship: Wood (Milt) over Wickline (Jack)
100 Championship: Hereford (PtP) over McDonald (CPeake)
105 Championship: Casto (PtP) over Galliher (Jack)
115 Championship: Warner (PtP) over J. Saunders (GalA)
125 Championship: T. Saunders (GalA) over Maynard (Cam)
135 Championship: Runyon (Cam) over Eldred (CPeake)
145 Championship: Chapman (Milt) over McWhorter (CPeake)
155 Championship: Deal (Cam) over Nicholson (Jack)
170 Championship: R. Christian (Milt) over Hamlin (CPeake)
190 Championship: Neal (Milt -2) over Farley (Milt)
275 Championship: Shope (ChilL) over Shropshire (Cam)

75 Third Place: Niday (Buf) over Cremeans ( GalA)
80 Third Place: DeBord (Milt) over Arrington (Jack)
85 Third Place: Miles (Milt) over Causey (Jack)
90 Third Place: Dailey (Milt) over Martin (ChilL)
95 Third Place: DeWitt (PtP) over Caynor (CPeake)
100 Third Place: Hughes (Milt) over Adams (Jack)
105 Third Place: Cook (Cam) over Sommerville (CPeake)
115 Third Place: Samples (Cam) over McComas (CPeake)
125 Third Place: Martin (ChilL) over Cardwell (Milt)
135 Third Place: Beckett (Milt) over Davis (GalA)
145 Third Place: Ostrander (Jack) over Gleason (PtP)
155 Third Place: Wentz (CPeake) over C. Christian (Milt)
170 Third Place: Maynard (cam) over Skaggs (Jack)
190 Third Place: Shirley (PtP) over Lawhorn (GalA)
275 Third Place: Riley (Jack) over Thompson (CPeake)

Comments: West Virgina crowned 13 Champions to 3 for Ohio and thus won the Super Dual event. Thanks to Coach Brown and Chesapeake Middle School for an excellent event.

Submitted by: Jim LeMaster - Milton Middle School

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