West Virginia Wrestling

Collins Middle 60 Park 7th/8th 30

Date: 12/18/01
Location: Collins Middle

75: Jordan Travis (Collins) by forf.
80: Zack Amick (Park) p. Andrew Zickafoose
85: Matt Zickafoose (Collins) p. Aaron Borders
90: Drew Ball (Park) by forf.
95: Trent Travis (Collins) by forf.
100: Anthony Borders(Park) p. Alex Seletyn
105: Charles Cook (Collins) by forf.
115: Josh Stover (Collins) p. Tom McMillion
125: Stephen Dequasie (Collins) by forf.
135: Jacob Antoine (Park) p. Ryan Fell
145: Clint Alberty(Park) p. Frankie Treadway
155: Daniel McKinney (Collins) by forf.
170: Scott Rose (Collins) by forf.
190: Jakob Donnally (Collins) by forf.
275: Matt Griffith (Collins) p. Pittman

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