West Virginia Wrestling

Beallsvislle Jr. High Wrestling Tournament

Date: Saturday, December 22, 2001
Location: Beallsville, OH

Team Results Top 4 Teams out of 11
1st place Bridge Street-------------124 1/2 pts.
2nd place Bellarie St. John---------102 pts.
3rd place Tyler Consolidated--------98 pts.
4th place Beallsville---------------80 pts.

Individual Results For Tyler Consolidated

1st and 2nd place
105 Sean Neff 2nd place
125 Isaiah Richie 2nd place
135 Zac Leasure 2nd place
145 Holden Roberts 1st place
170 Josh White 1st place

3rd and 4th place
125 Adam Weekley 3rd place
155 Junior Yost 4th place
HWT Taylor Wetzel 4th place

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