West Virginia Wrestling

Tri-State Middle School Championships

Date: 1-4-02

Location: Point Pleasant

Team Scores
1st - Milton 320
2nd - Pt. Pleasant 229.5
3rd - Elkview 170.5
4th - Andrerw Jackson 154.5
5th - McKinley 120.5
6th - Williamstown 116.5
7th - Spencer 111.5
8th - Stonewall Jackson 96
9th - Dupont 94.5
10th- Wirt County 89
11th- Calhoun County 84
12th- Cammack 83
13th- Sissonville 78
14th- Buffalo 77.5
15th- Milton 2 71
16th- Barboursville 68.5
17th- Clay County 64
18th- Hayes 61
19th- Ripley 59
20th- Pt. Pleasant 2 54
21st- Milton 3 46
22st- Wahama 45
23nd- Beverly Hills 39
24th- Pt. Pleasant 3 30
25th- Cammack 2 25

75 Championship: Ervin Page (Hayes)  Sam Simmons (Milton)

80 Championship: Thad Duvall (Williamstown)  James Setliff (Milton)

85 Championship: Ryan Flowers (Williamstown)  Josh Valintine (Wirt Co)

90 Championship: Mackenze Peters (Williamstown)  Tre Pyles (Point)

95 Championship: Jordan Adkins (Clay Co)  Cody Moore (Elkview)

100 Championship: Logan Martin (Ripley)  Tyler Smith (Buffalo)

105 Championship: Steve Shaffer (Milton)  Jerod Kleman (Clay Co.)

115 Championship: Chris Miles (Milton)  Kris DeWitt (Point)

125 Championship: Seth Easter (Andrew Jackson) Josh Morris (Elkview)

135 Championship: James Casto (Point)  Aaron Dunlap (Hayes)

145 Championship: Adam Chapman (Milton)  Josh Shreder (Wirt Co)

155 Championship: Jonathan Shaffer (Elkview)  Jesse Young (Stonewall)

170 Championship: Anthony Eads (McKinley)  Alex Neal (Milton)

190 Championship: Ritchie Christian (Milton)  John Hipes (Point)

275 Championship: Shane Hayes (Milton)  Chris Cook (Point)

75 Third Place: Jerod Searls (Point)  Seth Jarvis (Calhoun Co)

80 Third Place: Jeremy Page (Andrew Jackson)  Kevin Dennison (Milton3)

85 Third Place: Joey Malnaldo (Spencer)  Josh Woods (Point)

90 Third Place: Ryan Gurnee (Andrew Jackson)  Derek Mitchell (Point 2)

95 Third Place: Scotty Boggs (Spencer)  Anthony Hall (Dupont)

100 Third Place: Eddy Burrows (Calhoun)  Cody Nutter (Milton)

105 Third Place: Markeist Knight (Cammack)  Jeff Goodrich (Calhoun)

115 Third Place: Anthony Owens (Dupont)  Shane Skeens (Andrew Jackson)

125 Third Place: Nathan Woods (Milton)  Rob Hensley (Barboursville)

135 Third Place: Josh Page (Andrew Jackson)  Austin Moye (Milton)

145 Third Place: Ben Samples (McKinley)  Giaseppe Marabido (Milton 2)

155 Third Place: Anthony Detweiler (Spencer)  Colt Christian (Milton)

170 Third Place: Jeff Hayes (Milton 3)  Donell Washington (Stonewall)

190 Third Place: Josh Workman (Stonewall)  Micky Farley (Cammack)

275 Third Place: Derek Conrad (Sissonville)  Kyle Dudding (McKinley)

75 Fifth Place: Zach Hunter (Andrew Jackson)  Cody Harvey (Buffalo)

80 Fifth Place: Chanty Warden (Elkview)  Ethan Morrison (Wirt Co)

85 Fifth Place: Tyler Price (Andrew Jackson)  David Rutherford (Buffalo)

90 Fifth Place: Brent Snodgrass (McKinley)  Josh Cranfield (Ripley)

95 Fifth Place: Nicco Niday (Buffalo)  Jay Turner (Milton)

100 Fifth Place: Chase Gibbeaut (Point)  Derek Shaffer (Elkview)

105 Fifth Place: Sam Snyder (Elkview)  Ross Pino (Point 2)

115 Fifth Place: Wes Hudson (McKinley)  Willis Johnson (Cammack 3)

125 Fifth Place: Nathaniel Roub (Point)  Nathan Stafford (Wahama)

135 Fifth Place: JD Hughes (Milton 2)  LB Wingrove (Williamstown)

145 Fifth Place: Raymond Casto (Sissonville)  Mike Bryant (Dupont)

155 Fifth Place: Justin Spurlock (Barboursville)  Casey Brown (McKinley)

170 Fifth Place: Nick Fralic (Barboursville)  Ryan Lowery (Dupont)

190 Fifth Place: Derek Fulmer (Wirt Co)  Justin Roush (Wahama)

275 Fifth Place: Josh Evans (Elkview)  Randy Branan (Calhoun)

Comments: MVP- Jordan Adkins (Clay Co) 95lbs
MVP- James Casto (Point) 135lbs
Coach of the Year- Pat Peters (Williamstown)

Submitted by: David Darst

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