West Virginia Wrestling

Grafton results -- Cameron Tri state

Date: 1/11/03
Location: Cameron

Cameron 203
Grafton 161.5 * Outstanding Wrestler Trampas Efaw
Berkeley Springs 138
Tyler Co. 90
Hunderd 67
Magnola 60.5
John Marshall B 45.5
South Harrison 14
Clay-Battelle 7

                      Place           Finals           

112 Patrick Markley    2nd    Looses to Antil (C) pin 1st
119 Bobby Rawls        2nd    Looses to Whiteman (H) pin 1st
135 Todd Duryea        2nd    Looses to Yoder (C) pin 2nd
145 Chad Bolyard       2nd    Looses to Moore (BS) 8-2
171 Isaac Blair        2nd    Looses to J.Moore (BS) 7-0
189 Trampas Efaw *     1st    Dec. Clark (BS) 8-4
                                     Cons. Finals 
140 Chris Lantz        4th    Looses to Brewer(M)pin 3rd 
152 Kevin Efaw         3rd    Dec. Waugh (BS) 13-8
160 John Walters       4th    Looses to Gieseke(TC)pin 2nd  
215 Allan Keener       3rd    pins Yoho (M) 2nd

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