West Virginia Wrestling

Braxton Pizza Hut Big 16

January 17-18, 2003

Team Scores

Calhoun 212
Independence 170
Greenbrier West 146.5
Braxton 141
Shady Springs 136
Riverside 119
Nicholas Co. 110.5
Roane Co. 109
Herbert Hoover 101.5
Frankfort 88
Petersburg 61
Winfield 54
Ravenswood 52
Liberty-Raleigh 47
Clay Co. 35
St. Albans 31
Midland Trail 25
Richwood 21

Individual Placers
Robert Rash, Independence
Judd Billings, Ravenswood
Bryan Gungle, Calhoun
Kenny Sasser, Roane Co
Lester, Shady Springs
Carter, Riverside

Josh Neal, Shady Springs
Matt Morris, Braxton
Shaun Snoberger, Frankfort
James Moffatt, Winfield
Bragg, Independence
Workman, Midland Trail

Bryan Snuffer, Independence
Andrew Cummings, Calhoun
Kesecker, Nicholas Co.
Painter, Greenbrier West
James Adams, Braxton
Hawkins, Liberty Raleigh

Justin Ashley, Calhoun
Anthony Harvey, Shady Springs
Kinser, Riverside
Caleb Stricker, Herbert Hoover
Wes Kimble, Petersburg
Brandon Digman, Braxton

Derek Scarbro, Shady Springs
Brian Mills, Independence
Glen Griffin, Nicholas
AJ Burks, Braxton
Slack, Riverside
Price, Clay Co.

Drew Myers, Frankfort
Matt Howrylak, Winfield
Justin Chapman, Shady Springs
Jordan Flynt, Braxton
Justin Price, Calhoun
Jones, Petersburg

Lowery, Riverside
Paul Goodrich, Calhoun
Daniel, Liberty Raleigh
Evan Kendall, Roane Co.
Fisher, Herbert Hoover
Hodges, Independence

Eric Metz, Calhoun
Meadows, Shady Springs
Tucker, Riverside
Jared Miller, Greenbrier West
Sam Dennis, Ravenswood
Abner, Independence

Devon Bosley, Frankfort
Jeff Morris, Calhoun
Wease, St. Albans
JR Morris, Herbert Hoover
Boone, Greenbrier West
Joey Adkins, Clay

Keiper, Nicholas Co.
Corey Burgess, Roane Co.
Osborne, Greenbrier West
Damon Merola, Calhoun
Harper, Petersburg
Josh Dennis, Ravenswood

Ray Burge, Calhoun (Most Valuable Wrestler)
Mark Smith, Greenbrier West
Patrick O'Malley, Braxton
Sam Craddock, Roane Co.
Buster Carico, Liberty Raleigh
Schwandt, Petersburg

Robert Ward, Independence
Dwayne Freeland, Roane
Rader, Nicholas
Chad Tincher, Greenbrier West
Daughtery, Petersburg
Peer, Frankfort

Bishop, Herbert Hoover
Bryant, Nicholas County
Charles Blankenship, Braxton
Mullens, Richwood
Chad Crookshanks, Greenbrier West
Michael Roberts, Calhoun

T.J. Richards, Riverside
Maynor Crookshanks, Greenbrier West
Justin Whitlock, Independence
Andy Anderson, Herbert Hoover
Polond, Petersburg
Kyle Meeks, Winfield


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