West Virginia Wrestling

Musselman Invitational

Date: January 25, 2003
Location: Musselman High

Team Scores
Warren County,Va 258 1/2
University 155 1/2
Jefferson 140 1/2
Clarke County,Va 126 1/2
Hedgesville 120
Buchannan-Upshur 112
Southern Garrett,Md 102 1/2
Keyser 64
Musselman 51
Bridgeport 43
Loudon County,Va 2

103 Championship: E. Hawes (W.C.) Fall over J. Shetler (H)
112 Championship: K. Turnbull (U) Fall over C. Jenkins (W.C.)
119 Championship: B. Childs (C) over T. Ward (B.U.)
125 Championship: Q. Ward (B.U.) over S. Hefner (U)
130 Championship: D. Dorsey (J) over C. Marshall (U) Ride out O.T. ( Marshall chose down)
135 Championship: S. Reynolds (J) over J. Taylor (W.C.) 10-9
140 Championship: C. Gustines (J) over K. Lawrence (W.C.) 6-2
145 Championship: M. Parr (C) over D. Mc Greavy (W.C.)
152 Championship: D. Lord (H) over C. Gustines (J) 3-1 first overtime
160 Championship: B. Jardine (W.C.) over D. Haney (C)
171 Championship: D. Coon (U) over G. Tressler (S.G.)
189 Championship: M. Thompson (U) over J. Caputo (W.C.)
215 Championship: A. Embrey (W.C.) Fall over J. Bott (M)
275 Championship: J. Dilworth (B.U.) Fall over J.Jones (H)

103 Third Place: Bartolo (U) over Durr (K)
112 Third Place: Ford (S) over Jenkins (C)
119 Third Place: Bass (WC) over Greagory (SG)
125 Third Place: Sowder (WC) over Steyer (SG)
130 Third Place: Suter (K) over Smallridge (BU)
135 Third Place: Campbell (U) over DeMasta (BU)
140 Third Place: Kyle (K) over Wildensen (SG)
145 Third Place: Hawes (J) over Hayhurst (SG)
152 Third Place: Hudson (M) over Gutterman (C)
160 Third Place: Young (H) over Walters (J)
171 Third Place: Lichliter (C) over Cullers (WC)
189 Third Place: Colungo (WC) over Loy (C)
215 Third Place: Shillingburg (K) over Hill (BU)
275 Third Place: Way (WC) over Hendrickson (M)

Comments: The finals in this tournament were some of the best seen this year. Many hard fought matches through the middle weights went into over time or came down to a last second point. Danny Lord from Hedgesville set the all time state win record in his finals bout

Submitted by: Coach Cagle -Musselman

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