West Virginia Wrestling

PAC-8 conference Championships

Date: 1/28/03

Tridelphia Middle school

Team Scores

75 Championship: 1st: Wesley(TMS) 2nd:Gibbons(WHG)
80 Championship:
85 Championship: 1st:Green(TMS) 2nd:DiCesare(Br.St.)
90 Championship: 1st:Beecher(Sher) 2nd:Rush(Tms)
95 Championship: 1st:Becker(TMS) 2nd:Rogerson(Mdsv)
100 Championship: 1st:michori(Mdsv) 2nd: Haley(Tms)
105 Championship: 1st:Jewell(War) 2nd: Taylor(Mdsv)
115 Championship: 1st: Rayl(Mdsv) 2nd: Gramlick(Whg)
125 Championship: 1st: Cook(Mdsv) 2nd: Knierem(Br.St.)
135 Championship: 1st: Hill(Whg) 2nd: Best(Mdsv)
155 Championship: 1st: Richey(Sher) 2nd: McMahon(Whg)
170 Championship: 1st: Kettlewell(Whg) 2nd: Staub(TMS)
190 Championship: 1st: Potts(Mdsv) 2nd: Campbell(Whg)
275 Championship: 1st: Rickman(Mdsv) 2nd: Hunt(Tms)

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