West Virginia Wrestling

Williamstown High School/Family Fitness Rumble

February 1, 2003
at Williamstown High School

1. Calhoun County School 192.5
2. Williamstown High School 164.0
3. St Marys High School 150.0
4. Marietta High School- OH 134.5
5. Independence High School 129.0
6. Eastmoor Academy High School-OH 122.0
7. Bridgeport High School 50.0
8. Hundred High School 37.0
9. Bishop Donahue High School 16.0
10. St Albans High School 13.0

Outstanding Wrestling- Justin Ashley, Calhoun County

1st Robert Rash- Independence -
2nd Bryan Gungle- Calhoun Co.
3rd Cody Bartrug- St Marys
4th Craig Johnson- Williamstown

1st Todd Bragg- Independence-
2nd Jason Sampson- Calhoun Co.
3rd Shawn Cline- Marietta
4th Jeremy Wileman- St Albans

1st Dustin Bartrug- St Marys
2nd Bryan Snuffer- Independence
3rd Jesse Biddle- Williamstown
4th Andrew Cummings- Calhoun

1st Justin Ashley- Calhoun Co.
2nd Casey Biddle- Williamstown
3rd Anthony Canter- Marietta
4th Andrew Cummings- Calhoun Co.

1st Brian Mills- Independence
2nd Angelo Rossi- Marietta
3rd Anthony DiMarco- Williamstown
4th Andrew Coulter- Marietta B

1st Justin Price- Calhoun Co.
2nd Scott Kouns- Williamstown
3rd Joey McGlumphy- Hundred
4th Robbie Phillips- Bridgeport

1st Ryan Elder- Williamstown
2nd Dale Everett- St Marys
3rd Paul Goodrich- Calhoun Co.
4th Stephen Wagner- Marietta

1st Eric Metz- Calhoun
2nd James Jones- Eastmoor Academy
3rd Chad Bennett- St Marys
4th Chad Bryan- Williamstown

1st Jeff Morris- Calhoun Co.
2nd Alan Tracewell- Williamstown
3rd Dylan Hashman- St Marys
4th Shane Henderhan- Marietta

1st Shane Smith- Williamstown
2nd Cliff Sparrow- Eastmoor Academy
3rd Damon Merola- Calhoun Co.
4th Sean Mattes- Marietta

1st Ray Burge- Cahoun Co.
2nd Lee Lauderman- Williamstown
3rd Wes Morris- Marietta
4th Mike Hines- Eastmoor Academy

1st Robert Ward- Independence
2nd Kurt Bramer- Marietta
3rd Brandon Lester- Eastmoor Academy
4th Keith Miller- St Marys

1st Dionte Johnson- Eastmoor Academy
2nd Pete Hashman- St Marys
3rd Brenden Hunt- Hundred
4th Aaron Coppock- Marietta

1st Chuck Gresham- Eastmoor Academy
2nd Bobby Loar- St Marys
3rd Tank Whitlock- Independence
4th Zach Nixon- Bridgeport

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