West Virginia Wrestling

Musselman Freestyle Tournament

May 2, 2003

Because of low numbers, weight and age classes were combined. Here are the results by combined weight classes:

50.9 - 62
1st Gunnar Wilt WV
2nd Dylan Ceravalo WV
3rd Ryan Diehl WV
4th Jonathan Sweeney MD
5th James Howard MD

80 - 97.5
1st Dylan Nick WV
2nd Andrew Jones WV
3rd Christopher Morris VA
4th Dylan Stottlemeyer PA

100.7 - 118.5
1st Dustin Haislip WV
2nd Tony Asbury MD
3rd Brandonn Johnson MD
4th Phillip Morris VA
5th Krissy Barrett WV
6th Rich Klein MD

123.4 - 133.8
1st Brandon Rader WV
2nd Robert Shyver WV
3rd Billy Barrett WV

139.4 - 148.5
1st Dan Caywood MD
2nd Codie Gustines WV
3rd Andy Thomas WV
4th Andrew Luketic WV

190.5 - 206.2
1st Lou Thomas WV
2nd Devin Dulaney WV

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