West Virginia Wrestling

WRAL Tournament

Date: December 20-21, 2002
Location: Raleigh, N.C.

Team Scores
1 East Fairmont WVA 170.0
2 Jack Britt 155.5
3 Havelock 144.0
4 Bandys 138.0
5T Grundy VA 137.0
5T Northwest Cabarrus 137.0
6 Spring Valley SC 115.0
7 Green Hope 110.5
8 Chesterfield SC 102.5
9 West Carteret 102.0
10 Mt. Tabor 99.5
11 Salem VA 88.5
12 Croatan 88.0
13T Forsyth Country Day 83.0
13T White Oak 83.0
14 Alleganey 80.0
15 Apex 76.0
16 Terry Sanford 74.0
17 New Bern 68.5
18T Hoggard 66.0
18T Wake Forest Rolesville 66.0
19T Broughton 60.0
19T Cardinal Gibbons 60.0
20 Western Harnett 58.0
21 East Wake 57.0
22 Triton 50.0
23 Leesville 44.0
24 Laney 43.0
25 Millbrook 42.5
26 Athens Drive 40.0
27 Cedar Ridge 32.0
N/A High Point Central 0.0
N/A Lake City SC 0.0

103 Championship: Jeremy Paule (SA) by a decision of 76 over Jalil Dozier (JB)
112 Championship: Chris Greynolds (EF) by a decision of 95 over Jerry Stogner (BA)
119 Championship: William Gilleland (BA) in overtime 64 over Kenneth Edwards (AL)
125 Championship: Greg Balch (BR) by a decision of 62 over Lee Cook (WH)
130 Championship: Theo Tucker (MT) by a major decision of 123 over Travis Varner (WC)
135 Championship: Todd Bigelow (HA) by a decision of 73 over Michael Keefer (JB)
140 Championship: Chris Norman (JB) by a decision of 42 over Wilson Lee (HA)
145 Championship: J. T. Pruitt (GR) by a major decision of 132 over Jacob Smith (JB)
152 Championship: Jacob Allman (NC) by a decision of 53 over Shaun Sheffield (HA)
160 Championship: Raymond Jordan (NB) by pin in 5.21 over Daniel Rotroff (FC)
171 Championship: Blane Mayle (EF) by a technical fall of 161 over Will Kuhn (SV)
189 Championship: Daren Burns (BA) by a decision of 85 over Ben Geary (EF)
215 Championship: Brandon Geary (EF) by a major decision of 124 over Brendan Paez (CG)
275 Championship: Albert Childress (GR) by pin in 1.08 over Ryan Hsu (FC)

103 Third Place: Ty Roach (WC) by pin in 2.27 over Tyler Thompson (SV)
112 Third Place: Brad Robinson (SV) by pin in 2.21 over Tanner Sewell (LA)
119 Third Place: Tyler Goodridge (NB) by pin in 0.47 over Tim Neal (GH)
125 Third Place: Jason Suter (WO) by a decision of 62 over Daniel Rayfield (CH)
130 Third Place: Eric Suter (WO) by a decision of 51 over Marcus Cox (WH)
135 Third Place: Chris Tucker (MT) by a major decision of 174 over Chris Allen (WC)
140 Third Place: Eddo Hojilla (WC) by a major decision of 91 over Daniel Struble (GH)
145 Third Place: Byron Sigmon (BA) by a decision of 87 over Robert Barnes (EF)
152 Third Place: Adam Yates (GR) by a decision of 50 over Daniel Tyner (JB)
160 Third Place: Aaron Young (GR) by a major decision of 112 over Ken Kepley (NC)
171 Third Place: P. J. Justus (GR) by pin in 3.37 over Elijah Anderson (WF)
189 Third Place: Zack Hayworth (NC) in overtime 00 over Andrew Matroni (GH)
215 Third Place: Ryan Onofrio (CR) by pin in 0.58 over James Mason (MT)
275 Third Place: Matthew Linker (AL) by pin in 2.18 over Steven Knesevic (AP)

103 Fifth Place: Dave Michaud (CH) by pin in 2.55 over Matt Tyndall (CR)
112 Fifth Place: Danny Curtis (CH) by a decision of 62 over Mike Romero (TR)
119 Fifth Place: James McBryde (TS) by a decision of 42 over Josh Dalton (EW)
125 Fifth Place: Brian Tajo (SA) by a decision of 63 over John Patrone (AP)
130 Fifth Place: Tywana Holley (TR) by a decision of 43 over Luke Dalton (EW)
135 Fifth Place: Bryant Fuller (SV) by pin in 2.23 over Mike Leos (CG)
140 Fifth Place: Ben Oeser (LE) by a decision of 76 over Basch Mallach (SV)
145 Fifth Place: Ed Buckley (HA) by a decision of 10 over Marcus Canipe (CH)
152 Fifth Place: Brandon Curling (FC) by a decision of 51 over Justin Reeb (WO)
160 Fifth Place: Theo Smith (AD) by forfeit over Craig McIntosh (BA)
171 Fifth Place: James Campbell (HO) by a decision of 74 over Richard Smith (CR)
189 Fifth Place: Josh Collins (CE) by pin in 1.00 over Chris Wichtl (CR)
215 Fifth Place: Pat Wareham (WO) by pin in 2.15 over Vince Borden (SA)
275 Fifth Place: Anthony McMillian (TS) in overtime 11 over Jesse Valentine (EF)

1. Most Falls - Albert Childress of Grundy (275) for 5 falls in a total of 5:47.
2. Most Outstanding Wrestler - Raymond Jordan of New Bern (160)
3. Outstanding Team Sportsmanship - New Bern High School

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