West Virginia Wrestling

Braxton Middle Results

Date: 1-03-04
Location: Summersville

78: Cody Grounds (B)PInned Greenlief(B) 3rd place
84: Anthony Crist (B)Pinned Foster(B) 3rd place
90: Clayton Shaver(B)Piin(Park) 3rd place
95: Josh Adams didnt place
102: Eric Gentile(B)Pinned by(?) 4th place
110: Payton Rice(B)Pin (?) 1st place
116: Kevin Tanner(B)Pinned by(?) 2nd place
123: Braxton Ridler(B) Pinned by (?) 4th place
128: Justin Foster(B)didnt place
135: Josh McCumbers(B)Pinned by(?) 4th place
145: Shayne Ralphsnyder(B)Deced by (?) 2nd place
155: Jonathan Moore(B) Pinned by(?) 2nd place
165: Jeffery Foster(B)Pin(?) 1st place
190: Bryan Henline(B)Pinned by(S) 2nd place


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