West Virginia Wrestling

Andrew Jackson Ironman Inv.

Date: Jan. 17th, 2004
Location: Nitro High School

Team Scores
Milton 122
Andrew Jackson 90
Cammack 66
Beverly Hills 64
McKinley 56
John Adams 45
Barboursville 31
Horace Mann 4

78 Championship: Stewart (Mil) over Garten (Cam)
84 Championship: Thompson (Mil) over Smith (Mil - B)
90 Championship: Setliff (Mil) over Page (AJ)
95 Championship: Simmons (Mil) over Dunbar (AJ)
102 Championship: Price (AJ) over Hass (McK)
110 Championship: Burns (BH) over Ramsby (Mil)
116 Championship: Canterbury (BH) over Wright (BV)
123 Championship: Johnson (Cam) over Bonham (McK)
128 Championship: Scott (Cam) over Kanner (J A)
135 Championship: Evans (AJ) over Burch (AJ - B)
145 Championship: Martin (BH) over Woods (Cam)
155 Championship: Fuller (BH) over Huffman (J A)
165 Championship: Beckett (Mil) over Holstein (J A)
190 Championship: Bills (BV) over Hundley (McK)
275 Championship: Farley (Cam) over Dunlap (AJ)

78 Third Place: Cummings (AJ) over Webster (McK)
84 Third Place: Morris (McK) over Luther (BH)
90 Third Place: Bench (McK) over Johnson (Mil - B)
95 Third Place: Arnold (J A) over Erwin (Mil - B)
102 Third Place: Roberts (Mil) over Shank (J A)
110 Third Place: Petry (AJ) over Sigler (Mil - B)
116 Third Place: Randolph (AJ) over Lucas (BV - B)
123 Third Place: Brotherton (Mil) over Easter (Mil - B)
128 Third Place: Thompson (Mil) over Stover (AJ)
135 Third Place: King (Mil) over Ferguson (BH)
145 Third Place: Brotherton (Mil) over Hager (H M)
155 Third Place: Andruzis (AJ) over Snyder (McK)
165 Third Place: Jeffrey (BV) over Robinson (McK)
190 Third Place: Bruce (McK - B) over Lageman (Cam)
275 Third Place: Vickers (Mil) over Young (J A)

Comments: The event was contested in an individual pool or round robin format depending on number of wrestlers in weight classes. Scoring was 14-10-7-4 (place points only)

Submitted by: Jim LeMaster / Milton Middle

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