West Virginia Wrestling

Calhoun 57 St. Marys 16

@RCB Tri

103: Seth Jarvis (Cal) p. C. Wells (StM)
112: No Match
119: Jaron Sampson (Cal) m. dec. Cody Bartrug (StM) 14-6
125: Justin Ramsey (Cal) p. Thomas Miller (StM)
130: Justin Ashley (Cal) t. fall Cory Cronin (StM) 15-0
135: Dustin Bartrug (StM) m. dec. Andrew Cummings (Cal) 9-1
140: Ryan Tucker (StM) by forf.
145: Dustin Nichols (Cal) by forf.
152: Steven Wagoner (Cal) by forf.
160: Paul Goodrich (Cal) p. Paul Adkins (StM)
171: Eric Metz (Cal) p. Dylan Hashman (StM)
189: Michael Roberts (Cal) p. Andrew Dutton (StM)
215: Brian Barnhart (StM) by forf.
275: Justin Whipkey (Cal) by forf.

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