West Virginia Wrestling

Wahama Jr. High Wrestling Tournament

Date: December 13, 2003
Location: Wahama High School, Mason, WV

Team Scores
1st- Spencer
2nd- Chesapeake
3rd- Braxton County

Outstanding Wrestler - Eric Jarvis - Spencer

Teams Participating: Spencer, Chesapeake, Braxton Co., Buffalo, Beverly Hills, Wahama, Meigs, Fairland and Cammack

78 Championship: 1st- J. Fisher - Spencer 2nd- C. Grounds- Braxton Co.
84 Championship: 1st- A. Crist - Braxton Co. 2nd- M. Branch - Wahama
90 Championship: 1st- C. Harvey - Buffalo 2nd- D. Benson - Spencer
95 Championship: 1st- C. Clarkson - Spencer 2nd- Winkler - Chesapeake
102 Championship: 1st- J. Maldonaldo- Spencer 2nd- Cravens- Chesapeake
110 Championship: 1st- N. Niday - Buffalo 2nd- C. Burns- Beverly Hills
116 Championship: 1st- E.Jarvis - Spencer 2nd- D. Veezey- Wahama
123 Championship: 1st- A. Willford- Meigs 2nd- Caynor- Chesapeake
128 Championship: 1st- J. Hayes- Fairland 2nd-Stallo- Chesapeake
135 Championship: 1st- J. Griffith- Spencer 2nd- R. McCree- Buffalo
145 Championship: 1st- S. Ralphsynder- Braxton Co. 2nd- M. Pingley- Braxton Co.
155 Championship: 1st-E. McKay - Spencer 2nd- Bundy- Chesapeake
165 Championship: 1st-J. Moore- Braxton Co. 2nd- Dempsey- Chesapeake
190 Championship: 1st- Galleher- Chesapeake 2nd- B. Henline - Braxton Co.
275 Championship: 1st- C. Patterson- Wahama 2nd- Wiley- Chesapeake

78 Third Place: 3rd- D. Niday - Buffalo
84 Third Place: 3rd- C. Greenlief- Braxton Co.
90 Third Place: 3rd- J. Adams- Braxton Co.
95 Third Place: 3rd- C. Shaver- Braxton Co.
102 Third Place: 3rd- E. Gentile- Braxton Co.
110 Third Place: 3rd- Lewis- Chesapeake
116 Third Place: 3rd-L. Cantebury - Beverly Hills
123 Third Place: 3rd- S. Given - Braxton Co.
128 Third Place: 3rd- J. McGinnis- Spencer
135 Third Place: 3rd- C. Jackson- Fairland
145 Third Place: 3rd- Pearson- Chesapeake
155 Third Place: 3rd- D. Fuller - Beverly Hills
165 Third Place: 3rd- C. Wilson- Fairland
190 Third Place: 3rd-Huff- Chesapeake
275 Third Place: 3rd. C. Willford- Meigs

Submitted by: Samantha Hoffman

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