West Virginia Wrestling

Point Pleasant Olympic Pool Tournament - Middle/ Jr High Results

Date: December 19/20
Location: Point Pleasant

Team Scores
1st- Point Pleasant-135
2nd- East Fairmont -126
3rd- Western Greenbrier 118
4th- Spencer -101
5th- Cammack -71
6th- Ripley -63
7th- Independence -59
8th- Chesapeake -40
9th- Buffalo - 35
10th- Point 9th- 26
11th- Athens - 21
12th- McKinley - 19
13th- Ripley 9th - 13

78: 1st- Jared Searls (PP) 2nd- Justin Fisher (SP) 3rd- Joe Garten (Cam) 4th- Dane Niday (Buff)
84: 1st- Drew Jenkins (EF) 2nd- Cody Keefer (PP) 3rd- Charlie Geenan (Athens) 4th- Luke Parsons (Rip)
90: 1st- Steven Robe (EF) 2nd- Garrett Trozzi (EF) 3rd- Derek Yokam (WG) 4th- Cody Harvey (Buff)
95: 1st- Mason Bailey (EF) 2nd-Ray Gandee (PP) 3rd- Cody Clarkson (SP) 4th- Shane Pelfhry (Cam)
102: 1st- Joey Maldenado (SP) 2nd- Derek Mitchell (PP) 3rd- Andrew Church (EF) 4th- Tyler Riddle (Rip)
110: 1st- Logan Martin (Rip) 2nd- Nicco Niday (Buff) 3rd- Josh Woods(PP) 4th- Jake Justice (Ind)
116: 1st- Eric Jarvis (SP) 2nd-Anthony Jeffers (PP) 3rd- Matt Thompson (PP) 4th- Mike Walker (Ind)
123: 1st- Randy Ferrill (WG) 2nd- Markeist Knight (Cam) 3rd- Mark Ward (Ind) 4th- Chris Thompson (PP)
128: 1st- Brian Gray (WG) 2nd- Alex Rucker (Cam) 3rd- Thomas Bryant (Rip) 4th- Elliott Scott (Cam)
135: 1st- Pat Murphy (EF) 2nd- Justin Griffith (SP) 3rd- Jonathan Myers (WG) 4th- Cody Rife (Ind)
145: 1st- Morgan Murphy (EF) 2nd- Kennith Holland (WG) 3rd-Chris Jenkins (Rip 9th) 4th- Josh Nott (PP)
155: 1st- Trent Walker (WG) 2nd- Eric McKay (SP) 3rd- Nick Mason (PP 9th) 4th- Josh Young (Athens)
165: 1st- Chris Dempsey (Cam) 2nd- Alex Palmer (WG) 3rd- Nathan Long (EF) 4th- Nathan Heis (Rip)
190: 1st- Justin Hundley (McK) 2nd- JB Logerman (Cam) 3rd- Josh Bruce (McK) 4th- Nick Gallaher (Ches)
275: 1st John Hipes (PP) 2nd- Adam Barnette (Ind) 3rd- Benson Shirley (PP 9th) 4th- Brad Wiley (Ches)

Submitted by: David Darst

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