West Virginia Wrestling

Braxton County Middle School/Michael Motors Invitational

Date 1/08/05
Location: Braxton County Middle School

Team Finish
1. Western Greenbrier JH
2. Braxton County MS
3. Calhoun County MS
4. Spencer MS
5. Trap Hill MS
6. Braxton 2

Individual Results

  78  Cottrell (Brax)         84  Grounds (Brax)
        Crane (WGr)                 Hanshaw (Cal)
        Hickman (Spen)              Jarvis (Spen)
        Carson (Brx2)               Raynor (Brx2)

  90  Fisher (Spen)           95  Clark (Cal)
        Gungle (Cal)                Midkiff (WGr)
        Greenlief (Brax)            Crist (Brax)
        Snider (Cal)                Jenkins (Spen)

 102  Laughlin (Cal)         110  Parrish (Spen)
        Milam (Trap)                Coughlin (WGr)
        McKenzie (Spen)             Bailey (Trap)
        Foster (Brax)               Welch (Cal)

 116  Yoakum (WGr)           123  Yoak (Cal)
        Gentile (Brax)              Dameron (Wgr)
        Price (Spen)                Smith (Brx2)
        Arnold (Cal)                Canterbury (Trap)

 128  Ferrill (Wgr)          135  Gray (Wgr)
        Jarvis (Spen)               McGinnis (Spen)
        Fisher (Brx2)               Martin (Wgr2)
        Carpenter (Cal)             McCumbers (Brax)

 145  Myles (Wgr)            155  Bevins (Wgr)
        Foster (Brax)               McMillion (Trap)
        Haught (Cal)                Mace (Cal)
        Surbaugh (Wgr2)             Samples (Brax)

 171  Holland (Wgr)          190  Carr (Brax)
        Yoak (Cal)                  Yeager (Cal)
        Backus (Brax)               
        Harper (Brx2)

 275  Acord (Trap)
        Harris (Cal)
Comments -- The round robin duals tournament went smoothly. Braxton, Calhoun, and Spencer are tough teams that battled it out as the three representatives from the Central WV Athletic Conference, but none could match the maturity and tenacity of the Western Greenbrier team on this day. As usual, the Braxton team had lots of support from community and volunteers helping to run the tournament. We appreciate the hospitality. Good luck to all these teams for the remainder of their seasons.

Submitted by Coach Jarvis- Spencer Middle

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