West Virginia Wrestling

Central West Virginia Athletic Conference Championship

Date 1/12/05
Location Spencer Middle School

Team Scores
1. Braxton County (by criteria of most pins)
2. Calhoun County
3. Spencer
4. Clay County

Results of Dual Matches
Spencer 42 Braxton 40
Calhoun 75 Clay 12
Calhoun 53 Spencer 33
Braxton 69 Clay 12
Spencer 39 Clay 24
Braxton 48 Calhoun 45

***The tournament ended in a three-way tie, Braxton, Calhoun, and Spencer with one loss each and each having beaten the other. The first criteria we used to break the tie was most pins. Braxton had 17 pins, Calhoun had 15, and Spencer 12.

Individual Conference Champions
78 Tyler Cottrill (Brax)
84 Cody Grounds (Brax)
90 Justin Fisher (Spen)
95 Cody Clark (Cal)
102 Ben Laughlin (Cal)
110 Sky Parrish (Spen)
116 Erik Gentile (Brax)
123 Aaron Yoak (Cal)
128 Eric Jarvis (Spen)
135 James McGinnis (Spen)
145 Justin Foster (Brax)
155 Chris Mace (Cal)
171 Matt Ice (Spen)
190 Brian Carr (Brax)
275 Levi Harris (Cal)

This may be the most competitive these conference teams have ever been with one another. We are proud of our CWVAC programs and the quality of wrestling they have demonstrated, not only within our conference, but wherever they have gone. (Go LKC !!)

I thank the volunteers who worked for us on this evening. We felt privileged to host the event at Spencer this year. Good luck to all these teams for the remainder of their season.

Submitted by Wayne Jarvis - Spencer Middle School

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