West Virginia Wrestling

Spencer Invitational

Date 1/15/05
Location Spencer Middle School

Team Scores
1. Williamstown 36
2. Braxton 28
3. Calhoun 20
4. Spencer 19
5. Dupont 13
6. Elkview 11
7. Wirt 8
8. Ripley 7
9. Clay 3
10. Sissonville 2
11. Spencer-B 2
12. Williamstown-B 1

Individual Results
  78  Jones  (Wil)          84  Grounds  (Brax)
      Cottrill  (Brax)          Hanshaw  (Cal)
      Burdette  (Siss)          Pennybacker  (Wil)
      McCourt  (Clay)           McCarty  (Dup)

  90  Fisher  (Spen)        95  Clark  (Cal)
      Gungle  (Cal)             Crist  (Brax)
      George  (Wil)             Cheavront  (Wirt)
      Szabo  (Wirt)             Parsons  (Rip)

 102  Laughlin  (Cal)      110  Jones  (Wil)
      Cheavront  (Wirt)         Parrish  (Spen)
      Benson  (Spen-B)          Young  (Elk)
      McKenzie  (Spen)          Palm  (Wil-B)

 116  Radabaugh  (Wil)     123  Peters  (Wil)
      Gentile  (Brax)           Given  (Brax)
      Martin  (Clay)            Shafer  (Elk)
      Price  (Spen)             Craddock  (Spen)

 128  Jarvis  (Spen)       135  Long  (Dup)
      Williamson  (Wil)         Mullins  (Rip)
      Fisher  (Brax)            McGinnis  (Spen)
      Carpenter  (Cal)          Board  (Wil)

 145  Rector  (Elk)        155  Strum  (Wil)
      Foster  (Brax)            Tucker  (Dup)
      Dye  (Wirt)               Mace  (Cal)
      Haught  (Cal)             Samples  (Brax)

 171  Wigal  (Wil)         190  Zide  (Wil)
      Ice  (Spen)               McCartney  (Dup)
      Yoak  (Cal)               Backus  (Brax)
      Patton  (Dup)             Nary  (Elk)

 275  Carr  (Brax)
      McCallister  (Rip)
      Ozalas  (Elk)
      Sigman  (Dup)
Outstanding Wrestler Award: 90 Justin Fisher - Spencer
(Set new school record for most wins in a season)

Comments: We thank all the volunteers, matmaids, and parents for their support throughout this event. There was some good competition and good sportsmanship. All of the teams involved are class acts. The tournament was slowed a little due to there being more full teams and the effort to have exhibition matches for the extra kids. The officials weren't that enthusiastic about exhibitions, but I figure as long as it doesn't bog us down, it's one of the positives about this tournament. Despite being only slightly behind schedule, I'm not aware of any problems or incidents, and I would say it was a good tournament once again. The fans seemed great from what I could notice. We appreciate the kind words. We are proud we can host this tournament.

Submitted by Wayne Jarvis

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