West Virginia Wrestling

Raleigh County Middle School Wrestling Championships

Date 1/25/05
Location Park Middle School

Team Scores
1-Shady Spring
4-Trap Hill

78 Championship 1-Tincher (SS) 2-Lilly (I)
84 Championship 1-Prince (SS) 2-Morgan(P)
90 Championship 1-Lynch(SS) 2-Wills(SSb)
95 Championship 1-Sodosky(P) 2-Lyons(SS)
102 Championship 1-Morgan(P) 2-Milam(TH)
110 Championship 1-Justice(P) 2-Harrah(SS)
116 Championship 1-White(P) 2-Collins(I)
123 Championship 1-Brooks(P) 2-Clinebell(I)
128 Championship 1-Taylor(SS) 2-Canaday(I)
135 Championship 1-Hall(SS) 2-Whittaker(P)
145 Championship 1-Compton(I) 2-Shreve(SS)
155 Championship 1-Ward(I) 2-Burgess(SS)
171 Championship 1-Rife(I) 2-Weidensall(P)
190 Championship 1-May(I) 2-Stumbo(Ib)
275 Championship 1-Acord(TH) 2-Albright(SS)

78 Third Place 3-Floyd (TH)
84 Third Place 3-Setliff(SSb)
90 Third Place 3-Erskine(I)
95 Third Place 3-Hodge(TH)
102 Third Place 3-Williams(I)
110 Third Place 3-Bailey(TH)
116 Third Place 3-Lilly(SS)
123 Third Place 3-Meadows(SS)
128 Third Place 3-Rickett(SSb)
135 Third Place
145 Third Place
155 Third Place 3-Clemens(P)
171 Third Place 3-McMillion(TH)
190 Third Place 3-Williams(P)
275 Third Place 3-Kidd(I)

Submitted by Wayne Bennett, Park Middle

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