West Virginia Wrestling

Bob Stover Classic

Date 1-29-05
Location Clay County High School

Team Scores
1. Clay Couty 212.00
2. Webster County 179.00
3. Oak Hill 153.00
4. Winfield 143.50
5. Braxton 122.00
6. Sissonville 117.00
7. Ritchie 112.50
8. George Washington 104.00
9. Wahama 64.50
10. Poca 28.50
11. Fayetteville 27.00
14. Meadow Bridge 16.00
15. Hurricane 15.00

103 Championship Jordan Adkins (Clay) Fall Sean Grose (Clay B)
112 Championship Chuck Richards (Ritchie) Dec. 11-6 Andy Howrylak (Winfield)
119 Championship Tommy Yound (Webster) MajDec 21-9 Adam Dennison (Braxton)
125 Championship Jared Kleman (Clay) Dec 12-7 Dean Santamaria (GW)
130 Championship Derek Veazey (Wahama) Dec 6-1 Kevin Tanner (Braxton)
135 Championship James Adams (Braxton) Dec 8-3 Andy Liethead (Sissonville)
140 Championship George Young (Webster) MajDec 12-3 Stephen Bruner
145 Championship Shawn Coleman (Fay) MajDec 9-1 Ty Litton (GW)
152 Championship Wesley Scott (Oak Hill) Dec 7-2 Evan Moore (Braxton)
160 Championship James Barton (Wahama) Dec 8-5 Eric Reed (Clay)
171 Championship Ryan Fell (Oak Hill) Dec 7-3 Joe Rollins (Winfield)
189 Championship Dusty Jones (Clay) Fall Frankie Treadway (Oak Hill)
215 Championship Jacob Samples (Clay) T-Fall Tyler (Webster)
275 Championship Ben Harper (Clay) Fall Dustin Eary (Sissonville)

103 Third Place Cody French (Ritchie) Dec 2-1 Daniel Grubbs (GW)
112 Third Place Robert Blind (Webster) Dec 12-5 Matt McCourt (Clay)
119 Third Place Aaron Hinzman (Ritchie) Dec 9-3 Jesse Nida (Sissonville)
125 Third Place Kendrick Summer (Sissonville) Fall Kris Tretrault (Oak Hill)
130 Third Place Rusty Cogar (Webster) Dec 6-4 Phil Grubbs (GW)
135 Third Place Cody Boggs (Poca) Dec 12-11Ryan Love (Webster)
140 Third Place Rob Pennington (Ritchie) T-Fall John Jones (Oak Hill)
145 Third Place Titus Schoolcraft (Clay) Forf Chase Hyde (Ritchie)
152 Third Place Ricardo Atkinson (Winfield) Fall Charles Green (Webster B)
160 Third Place John Moore (Braxton) Fall Daniel Leslie (Winfield)
171 Third Place Sky Gwinn (Meadow Bridge) Fall Jonsen Edens (Sissonville)
189 Third Place Brendan Langsdorf (Winfield) Fall Tyler (Webster)
215 Third Place Will Watkins (Winfield) Fall Cory Patterson (Wahama)
275 Third Place John Arthur (Oak Hill) Fall Rhodes (Webster)
Submitted by Coach Kleman, Collins, and Hamrick

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