West Virginia Wrestling

WVSSAC Region IV AA/A Results

February 19, 2005
Roane County High School

1st Calhoun County 204
2nd Point Pleasant 199
3rd Herbert Hoover 181
4th Clay County 138
5th Ravenswood 105
6th Winfield 103.50
7th Wahama 85.50
8th Roane County 79
9th Sissonville 67
10th Wirt County 36
11th Logan 33
12th Poca 23
13th Man 18

1st David Dennis, Ravenswood (9th) 38-5
2nd Jordan Adkins, Clay County (9th) 37-3
3rd Ben McCoy, Man (11) 34-5
4th Cody Clarkson, Roane County (9th) 27-12
5th Seth Jarvis, Calhoun County (10th) 30-13
6th Matt McConihay, Point Pleasant (9th) 15-15

1st Andy Howrylak, Winfield, (11th) 37-7
2nd Sean Grose, Clay County (10th) 24-13
3rd Andy Pritt, Herbert Hoover (9th) 28-17
4th Codie Atkinson, Point Pleasant (11th) 20-25
5th David Scott, Poca (12) 20-18
6th Linnert Kirschner, Ravenswood (12) 15-16

1st Cornelius Godfrey, Logan (11) 37-3
2nd Cody Moore, Herbert Hoover (9th) 29-4
3rd Bryan Gungle, Calhoun County (12th) 23-9
4th Tre Pyles, Point Pleasant (9th) 17-15
5th Charles Hamrick, Clay County (9th) 20-19
6th Jesse Nida, Sissonville (10th) 16-14

1st Justin Ramsey, Calhoun County (11) 32-4
2nd Jared Kleman, Clay County (9th) 24-12
3rd Wesley Hanson, Herbert Hoover (11th) 13-5
4th Josh Woods, Point Pleasant (9th) 27-14
5th Kendrick Summers, Sissonville (9th) 26-11
6th Jon McKenzie, Logan (9th) 6-16

1st Perry Ellis, Wahama (12th) 33-1
2nd Jaron Sampson, Calhoun County (11) 33-9
3rd Anthony Jeffers, Point Pleasant (9th) 44-12
4th Derrick Williams, Herbert Hoover (9th) 27-20
5th Chris Dierolf, Ravenswood (11th) 11-13
6th Jeremy Raines, Winfield (10th) 16-21

1st Judd Billings, Ravenswood (11th) 26-5
2nd Andrew Cummings, Calhoun County (12th) 34-4
3rd Andy Leithead, Sissonville (12) 29-3
4th Dustin Moore, Herbert Hoover (11th) 11-9
5th Josh Morgan, Wirt County (9th) 18-15
6th Andy Diehl, Point Pleasant (9th) 5-14

1st Stephen Currie, Herbert Hoover (12th) 38-9
2nd Jeff Goodrich, Calhoun County (9th) 17-15
3rd Bruce Thorne, Clay County (12th) 19-13
4th Kyle Reede, Ravenswood (11th) 20-18
5th Derek Veazey, Wahama (9th) 24-17
6th Josh Nott, Point Pleasant (9th) 15-27

1st James Casto, Point Pleasant (10th) 42-4
2nd Cody Mollohan, Herbert Hoover (11th) 35-7
3rd Titus Schoolcraft, Clay County (12th) 29-12
4th Caleb Hart, Calhoun County (9th) 18-11
5th Shay Rich, Winfield (9th) 16-18
6th James Pennington, Sissonville (10th) 10-18

1st Justin Price, Calhoun County (12th) 38-2
2nd Brandon Warner, Point Pleasant (11th) 35-10
3rd Matt Littleton, Wirt County (9th) 24-6
4th Josh Morris, Herbert Hoover (10th) 24-10
5th Bryan Bush, Roane County (12th) 18-17
6th Ricardo Atkinson, Winfield (12th) 31-14

1st Andrew Branard, Roane County (11th) 37-4
2nd Brent Hereford, Point Pleasant (11th) 32-8
3rd Johnny Barton, Wahama (12th) 22-8
4th Dustyn Nichoals, Calhoun County (12th) 32-13
5th Matt Fisher, Herbert Hoover (11th) 29-17
6th Jimmy Sheppard, Logan (12th) 37-10

1st Paul Goodrich, Calhoun County (11th) 39-0
2nd Evan Kendall, Roane County (11th) 33-9
3rd Joe Rollins, Winfield (12th) 37-12
4th Brian McCormick, Point Pleasant (11th) 17-19
5th Jonsen Edens, Sissonville (9th) 15-13
1st Josh Dennis, Ravenswood (12th) 27-8
2nd Brendan Langsdorf, Winfield (11th) 35-8
3rd Dusty Jones, Clay County (12th) 27-7
4th Zac Yeager, Calhoun County (9th) 26-14
5th C.C. McConihay, Point Pleasant (12th) 38-18
6th Ray Edwards, Wirt County (11th) 13-12

1st Cory Patterson, Wahama (9th) 29-12
2nd Will Watkins, Winfield (12th) 28-8
3rd John Hipes, Point Pleasant (9th) 8-5
4th Jim Bob Anderson, Herbert Hoover (10th) 24-23
5th Brent Harper, Roane County (12th) 15-18
6th Riley McCormick, Poca (11th) 21-18

1st Dustin Eary, Sissonville (12th) 29-4
2nd Ben Harper, Clay County (12th) 36-3
3rd Heath Shirley, Point Pleasant (11th) 34-17
4th Josh Evans, Herbert Hoover (10th) 25-15
5th Justin Whipkey, Calhoun County (11th) 24-15
6th Derek Fulmer, Wirt County (10th) 16-15

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