West Virginia Wrestling

Kentucky Bluegrass OPEN

Date March 26th
Location Lexington, KY

Team Scores
1.) Oklahoma (4 Champions)
2.) Ohio (3 Champions)
3.) Virginia (1 Champion - 2 Runner up)

Campbellsville University
Chris Perry (Kentucky) 2nd 112
Jesse Riggleman (Virginia) 1st 135
Dave Bonecutter (West Virginia)2nd 140
Kyle Norrad (Georgia) 1st 145
Scott Vaughn (Ohio) 2nd 160

103 Championship Terry Morgan (Ohio) fall Eddie Murray (Virginia) 2:35
112 Championship Mike Mena (Indiana) fall Chris Perry (Kentucky) 1:49
119 Championship Teague Moore (Oklahoma) dec. Nick Simmons (Michigan) 5-4
125 Championship Rocky Laughlin (Ohio) dec. Brennan Johnson (New Jersey) 2-1
130 Championship Scott Schatzman (New York) dec. Danny Felix (Virginia) 7-3
135 Championship Jesse Riggleman (Virginia) dec. Josh Moore (Ohio) 7-0
140 Championship Scott Owen (Illinios) fall Dave Bonecutter (West Virginia) 4:38
145 Championship Kyle Norrad (Georgia) dec. Angel Cejudo (Colorado) 2-0
152 Championship Zac Fryling (Oklahoma) dec. Brian Daly (Ohio) 9-8
160 Championship Tyrone Lewis (Oklahoma) dec. Scott Vaughn (Ohio) 1-0
171 Championship Jason Shivak (Delaware) fall Josh Chelf (Wisconsin) 3:21
189 Championship Muhammed Lawal (Oklahoma) dec. Andry Hrovat (Michigan) 6-2
215 Championship Mike Faust (Maryland) dec. Mike Cordova (Georgia) 3-1
275 Championship Bryan Kmetz (Ohio) dec. Derek Ankney (Ohio) 1-1 OT Rideout

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