West Virginia Wrestling

McKinley Trojan Invitational

Date Dec. 10-11, 2004
Location McKinley Middle School, St. Albans

Team Scores
Milton 238
Elkview 210.5
Andrew Jackson 204.5
Cammack 176.5
John Adams 166
McKinley 157
Barboursville 153.5
Dupont 125.5
Sissonville 106
Horace Mann 58
Stonewall Jackson 56
Milton B 43
McKinley B 37.5
Elkview B 34
Andrew Jackson B 32
Cammack B 24
John Adams B 15
Milton C 11
Cammack C 10

78 Championship Goodpaster (Mil) dec over Dunbar (AJ)
84 Championship Riggs (Cam) by fall over Cummings (AJ)
90 Championship Webster (McK) dec over Whittington (Elk)
95 Championship Thompson (Milt) by fall over (Milt B)
102 Championship Pelphrey (Cam) by dec over Johnson (Milt)
110 Championship Young (Elk) by fall over Page (AJ)
116 Championship Dunbar (AJ) maj dec over Arnold (JA)
123 Championship Shaffer (Elk) by fall over Fugate (BV)
128 Championship Wright (BV) by fall over Nance (Milt)
135 Championship Dempsey (Cam) by fall over Long (Dup)
145 Championship Rector (Elk) maj dec over Bolen (Milt)
155 Championship King (Milt) by fall over Jones (Cam)
171 Championship Evans (AJ) by fall over Holstein (JA)
190 Championship Hardiman (BV) by fall over Kay (HM)
275 Championship Hundley (McK) by fall over Ozalas (Elk)

78 Third Place Burdette (Siss) by dec over VanBibber (JA)
84 Third Place McCarthy (Dup) by tech fall over Meade (BV)
90 Third Place Buckley (Dup) by dec over Nesselrotte (AJ)
95 Third Place Hanning (Dup) by fall over Jones (McK)
102 Third Place Reveal (SJ) by fall over Morris (McK)
110 Third Place Bench (McK) by dec over Smith (Milt)
116 Third Place Howard (AJ-B) by dec over Hayes (Milt)
123 Third Place Bowen (Milt) by dec over Stover (McK)
128 Third Place Colvard (AJ) by fall over Damron (Cam)
135 Third Place Cokeley (JA) by fall over Booten (BV)
145 Third Place Grass (BV) by fall over Vance (JA)
155 Third Place Parsons (JA) by dec over Tucker (Dup)
171 Third Place Lesher (Elk) by fall over Keeney (Mck)
190 Third Place Poleway (AJ) by fall over Hudson (Siss)
275 Third Place Carter (Milt) by fall over Sigman (Dup)

78 Fifth Place Bostic (Elk B) by dec over Sahkai (Cam)
84 Fifth Place Deliere (Elk) by fall over Johnson (Siss)
90 Fifth Place Lucas (Siss) by dec over Sayre (HM)
95 Fifth Place Lilly (JA) by dec over Sanders (Cam)
102 Fifth Place Parrish (Siss) by fall over Jones (Milt B)
110 Fifth Place Supcoe (SJ) by dec over Campbell (McK B)
116 Fifth Place Keith (Cam B) by fall over Garnes (Siss)
123 Fifth Place Williams (Cam) by fall over Hanaday (JA)
128 Fifth Place Scott (HM) by fall over McCoy (Elk)
135 Fifth Place Anderson (Elk) by fall over Whitten (HM)
145 Fifth Place Lynch (Siss) by dec over Morrison (SJ)
155 Fifth Place Douglas (AJ) by dec over Riddle (Elk)
171 Fifth Place Basenback (Cam) by fall over Scarberry (McK B)
190 Fifth Place Nary (Elk) by fall over Lilly (JA)
275 Fifth Place Hedge (BV) by fall over Young (JA)

Submitted by Coach Jim LeMaster / Milton Middle

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