West Virginia Wrestling

North Marion Junior Varsity Tournament

AT North Marion High School

103 1st-Zach Seamon (University), 2nd Tyler Peters (Lewis County), 3rdJames Rosser (East Fairmont)

112 1st Jeremy Channell (NM), 2nd Spencer King (B), 3rd Spencer Turner (U)

119 1st Will Brunswick (B), 2nd Cody Moore (FS-Fairmont Senior), 3rd Charity Ramsey (NM)

125 1st Todd Berryann (U), 2nd Kaleb Hill (U), 3rd Nick Krohe (B)

130 No Entries

135 1st Adam Alton (LC Lewis County), 2nd Zack Piscetelli (EF), 3rd Logan Michael (EF)

140 1st Eric Fulteneer (LC), 2nd Andy Blake (LC), 3rd Mark Sharnhorst (B)

145 1st Jeremy Parker (EF), 2nd Jamie Ingram (EF), 3rd Adam Garlick (NM)

152 1st JR Kerns (LC), 2nd Corey Blon (U), 3rd Justin Rollins (SH)

160 1st 1st Dale Childs (NM), 2nd Nathan Parrish (FS), 3rd Eric Holmes (LC)

171 1st Travis Price (U), 2nd Paugh (SH), 2nd Nick Morris (MO Morgantown)

189 1st Mikey Davis (SH South Harrison), 2nd Brandon Lamb (SH), 3rd Dennis Wilson (FS)

215 1st Josh Davisson (LC), 2nd Richard Detamore (LC), 3rd James Hively (HH)

275 1st Adam Murphy(EF), 2nd Danny Joe Wagner (HH), 3rd Kevin Miller (U)

Also picking up wins for North but did not place were Malachi Plachta (2), and Jeremy Munza (1),

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