West Virginia Wrestling

Webster County Hardwood Duals

Date 12-17-04
Location Webster County

Team Scores
Clay Co. (CL)189
Braxton Co. (Bx) 184.5
Webster Co. (WC) 158
Oak Hill (OH)156
Hurricane (Hurr)130
Winfield (Win) 98
Wyoming East (WE) 61
Poca (PO)32
Bath Co. (VA) 30
Fayetteville (Fay)23
Big Creek (BC)18
Meadow Bridge (MB)13
Midland Trail (MD)11

Prelininary Dual Results
Braxton Co. 4-0
Clay Co. 3-1
Webster Co. 3-1
Oak Hill 2-1

Saturday's Individual Results (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th)
103 Adkins (CL), Gross (CL-B), Castro (OH), Lee(MT)
112 Blind (WC), McCourt (CL), Howlyrak (Win), Williams (Bath Co - B VA)
119 Young (WC), Dennison (Bx), Hamrick (CL), Mills (WE)
125 Culverhouse (Bx), Salisbury (WC), Perry (PO), Waugh (Hurr)
130 Dignman (Bx), Klemans (CL), Tanner (Bx-B), Troutman (Hurr)
135 Adams (Bx), Price (CL), Boggs (PO), Love (WC)
140 Shaffer (Hurr), Young (WC), Woods (Bx), Jones (OH)
145 Coleman (Fay), Polling (Bx), DeLung (OH), Champman (Hurr)
152 Scott (OH), Moore (Bx), Schoolcraft (CL), Leslie (Win)
160 Reed (CL), Hall (WE), Adtkins (Win), Fisher (WC)
171 Fell (OH)< Tanner (Bx), Rollins (Win), Gwinn (MB)
189 Linville (Hurr), Jones (CL), Treadway (OH), Langsdorf, (Win)
215 Tyler (WC), Griffith (OH), Blackwell (WE), Watkins (Win)
275 Harper (CL), Johnson (Hurr), Arthur (OH), Rhoads (WC)

Submitted by Mike Surbaugh

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