West Virginia Wrestling

Mannington Middle School Holiday Invitational

Mannington, Hough Park Gym

Team Scores
1. Braxton Co. MS-220.5
2. Mannington MS-174.5
3. Miller JH-132
4. Clay Co. MS-121
5. Robert Bland MS-96
6. Cheat Lake MS-82
7. Cameron JH-72
8. Harpers Ferry MS-58.5
9. Braxton Co. MS II-52
10. Morgantown South MS-42
11. Westwood MS-0

78 Championship = B. Ramsey (MMS) dec. T.Cottrill (BRX)
84 Championship = T. Hall (CAM) dec. R. Hinerman (MMS)
90 Championship = G. Shaver (MMS) dec. OT J. Shaw (MIL)
95 Championship = A. Crist (BRX) dec. E. Dawson (CC)
102 Championship = V. Panico (Ch.LK) pins R. Mays (MMS)
110 Championship = J. Adams (BRX) pins B. Coakley (Ch.LK)
116 Championship = D. Nick (HF) dec E. Gentile (BRX)
123 Championship = S. Given (BRX) dec P. Blake (CAM)
128 Championship = N. Turner (Ch.LK) dec M. Simpson (BRX)
135 Championship = M. Pigott (MMS) pins Z. Billaris (MIL)
145 Championship = J. Foster (BRX) dec A. Core (MIL)
155 Championship = D. Arbogast (RB) pins R. Bragg (CC)
171 Championship = L. Minney (RB) dec. E. Backus (BRX)
190 Championship = C. Williams (MIL) pins B. Carr (BRX)
275 Championship = T. Hall (CAM) pins M. Jackson (MIL)

78 Third Place = Cottrill (BRX) dec McCourt (CC)
84 Third Place = Grounds (BRX dec Fahey (MIL)
90 Third Place = Greenlief (BRX) dec Boggess (CC)
95 Third Place = L Wheatley (RB) pins N. Tallarito (BRX2)
102 Third Place = C. Hartsell (SOU) maj.dec T. Truman (CC)
110 Third Place = W. Wheeler (MMS pins E. Bowen (Res)
116 Third Place = S. Barker (MMS) dec. M. Martin (CC)
123 Third Place = A. Jones (MMS) pins L. Smith (CC)
128 Third Place = I. Morgan (MIL) pins M. Fisher ( BRX2)
135 Third Place = J. McCumbers (BRX) pins J. Smith (CC)
145 Third Place = J. Spofferd (HF) pins R. Dalrymple (CAM)
155 Third Place = S. Jackson (BRX) m.dec J. Ralphsnyder (BRX2)
171 Third Place = J. Harper (BRX2) pins D. Hickman (SOU)
190 Third Place = J. McGinty (MMS)
275 Third Place = J. Hineman (SOU) pins R. Watson (RES)

Outstanding wrestler 78-123 lbs. Dylan Nick, 116 lbs. Harpers Ferry

Outstanding wrestler 128-275 lbs. Justin Foster 145 lbs. Braxton Co.

Submitted by Mike Hays

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