West Virginia Wrestling

Park Middle School Invitational


Christiansburg,VA (C)5-0
Park (P)4-1
Milton (M)3-2
Dupont (D)2-3
Beverly Hills (BH) 0-5

78 Jeff Edwards (P), Brady Epperly (C)
84 Stephon Morgan (P), Justin McCarty (D)
90 Jacob Philip (C), Alex Buckley (D)
95 Evan Thompson (M), Chris Sodosky (P)
102 Ian Squires (C), Steve Brown (M)
110 Andrew Robertson (C), Jake Justice (P)
116 Drew Squires (C), Marcus White (P)
123 Derek Woody (C), Kevin Brooks (P)
128 Brock Buckner (C), Anthony Nance (M)
135 Tyler Long (D), Cody Smith (S)
145 Ethan Dickerson (C), Chris Bolen (M)
155 Corey Tucker (D), Ty King (M)
171 Jacob Weidensall (P), Chad Cox (S)
190 Joe Deal (S), Earl McCartney (D)
275 Draisse Carter (M), Jesse Sigmon (D)


Submitted by Park Middle School

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