West Virginia Wrestling


January 13, 2006
AT Virginia Duals

103 Corey Matheny (Parkersburg Sou) WBF Joe Burger (Whitehall) F 1:40
112 Gary Atiyeh (Whitehall) WBF Nick Busch (Parkersburg Sou) F 0:36
119 Huester Keller (Parkersburg Sou) WBD Matt La Rose (Whitehall) M 15-4
125 Travis Townsend (Parkersburg Sou) WBD Luke Roth (Whitehall) D 11-7
130 Drew Slfies (Whitehall) WBD Andy Church (Parkersburg Sou) D 7-2
135 Matt McCoy (Parkersburg Sou) WBD Robbie Kern (Whitehall) D 7-2
140 Matt Dunn (Parkersburg Sou) WBD Brandon Salinas (Whitehall) D 5-1
145 Aaron Kelley (Parkersburg Sou) WBD Auston Freda (Whitehall) TF-5 17-2;
152 Chad Porter (Parkersburg Sou) WBF FORFEIT F FOR
160 Bobby Relyea (Whitehall) WBF Cody Miracle (Parkersburg Sou) F 3:08
171 Josh Ballan (Whitehall) WBF Chris Buckbee (Parkersburg Sou) F 0:26
189 P. J. Di Stefano (Whitehall) WBF Gene Beaty (Parkersburg Sou) F 0:18
215 Justin Buss (Whitehall) WBF Josh Cale (Parkersburg Sou) F 3:26
275 Anthony Smock (Whitehall) WBF James Meade (Parkersburg Sou) F 0:53

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