West Virginia Wrestling

Mason Dixon Conference Tourney

Date: 1-28-06
Location: Cheat Lake Middle School

Team Scores
1. East Fairmont 220
2. Robert Bland 150.5
3. Mannington 133.5
4. New Martinsville 127
5. Taylor County 105.5
6. Miller 75
7. Cameron 73
8. Cheat Lake 67
9. Buckhannon Upser 63
10. Tyler Consolidated 42
11. Westwood 23

Championship 78: Michael (EF) defeated Bartrug (NM)
Championship 84: Griffin (TCo) defeated Schiffbauer (CL
Championship 90: Alton (RB) defeated Anderson (NM)
Championship 95: Hull (RB) defeated Schlieper (Cam)
Championship 102: Hall (Cam) defeated Ramsey (MMS)
Championship 110: Hinerman (MMS) defeated Wheatley (RB)
Championship 116: Bartlett (TCo) defeated Baker (EF)
Championship 123: Trozzi (EF) defeated Whyte (Cam)
Championship 128: Northcraft (TyCo) defeated C. Efaw (MMS)
Championship 135: Spicer (EF) defeated Blake (Cam)
Championship 145: Edgell (EF) defeated Hudson (Mil)
Championship 155: Vincent (EF) defeated Strope (RB)
Championship 171: Wringler (BU) defeated Skarsinski (Mil)
Championship 190: Long (BU) defeated Simonson (EF)
Championship 275 Ramage (MMS) defeated Randolph (Mil)

Third 78: Gross (CL) defeated Moore (BU)
Third 84: Phillips (NM) defeated Montgomery (RB)
Third 90: Kerns (EF) defeated Tennant (MMS)
Third 95: Wood (EF) defeated Watson (EF Res)
Third 102: Upton (EF) defeated Reneau (TCo)
Third 110: Steele (EF) defeated Griffin (TCo)
Third 116: Throckmorten (NM) defeated Simpson (RB)
Third 123: Estep (NM) defeated Watson (RB)
Third 128: Ferguson (TCo) defeated Riffle (RB)
Third 135: Morgan (Mil) defeated Cutlip
Third 145: Arbogast (RB) defeated Longwell (NM)
Third 155: Nelson (NM) defeated Parr (TyCo)
Third 171: Long (NM) defeated Criss (EF)
Third 190: Parlett (MMS) defeated Buckhannon (WW)
Third 275:Dotson (RB) defeated Phillips (TCo)

Submitted by: Conference

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