Fairmont, WV
2006 Winner's Choice / Rotary Wrestling Tournament
Place Winners
January 13-14, 2006

 Weight: 103

L to R: 7th: Chris Sodosky, Woodrow Wilson; 6th: Chris Ho, Jefferson; 5th: Robbie Cogar, Buckhannon; 3rd: Josh Connor, Berkeley Springs; 1st: Danny Armstrong, Hedgesville; 2nd: Jared Searls, Point Pleasant; 4th: Dakota Riffle, West Greene

 Weight: 112

L to R: 8th: Alex Thompson, Fairmont Senior; 7th: Mackenzie Peters, Williamstown; 6th: Brandon Wilson, Parkersburg; 5th: Victor Panico, University; 3rd: Colton Gustines, Jefferson; 1st: Drew Jenkins, East Fairmont; 2nd: Chuck Richards, Ritchie County; 4th: Garett Johnston, West Greene

 Weight: 119

L to R: 7th: Garrick Skubon, Jefferson; 6th: Tyler Riddle, Ripley; 5th: Patrick Pikulski, Morgantown; 3rd: Tommy Little, Parkersburg; 1st: Logan Sheldon, Hyndman; 2nd: Eric Morris, East Fairmont; 4th: Tony Jones, Williamstown

 Weight: 125

L to R: 8th: Ian Frist, Morgantown; 7th: Aaron Hinzman, Ritchie County; 6th: Zane Satterfield, Robert C. Byrd; 5th: Cody MacIver, Williamstown; 3rd: Zach Morton, East Fairmont; 1st: Josh Snyder, Hyndman; 2nd: Dustin Haislip, Musselman; 4th: Jon Waldron, University

 Weight: 130

L to R: 8th: Tre Pyles, Point Pleasant; 7th: Michael Grilli, Liberty; 6th: Joe Shetler, Hedgesville; 5th: Andrew Troche, Woodrow Wilson; 3rd: Heath Haws, Bridgeport; 1st: Mason Bailey, East Fairmont; 2nd: Billy Barrett, Musselman; 4th: Brian Leggett, Parkersburg

 Weight: 135

L to R: 8th: Mike Michalski, Fairmont Senior; 7th: Derek Satterfield, Robert C. Byrd; 6th: Anthony Hall, Riverside; 5th: Jobey Knapton, East Fairmont; 3rd: Seth Phalen, Ripley; 1st: Jake Snyder, Hyndman; 2nd: Kory Bissett, West Greene; 4th: Ryan Flowers, Williamstown

 Weight: 140

L to R: 8th: Anthony Owens, Riverside; 7th: Anthony Jeffers, Point Pleasant; 6th: Garrett Hickman, North Marion; 5th: Jeremy Mccarty, Lewis County; 3rd: Cody Renner, West Greene; 1st: Seth Easter, Nitro; 2nd: Brent Willison, Hyndman; 4th: Ben Waldron, University

 Weight: 145

L to R: 8th: Isaiah Richie, Tyler Consolidated; 7th: Andrew Pearson, Riverside; 6th: Matt Littleton, Parkersburg; 5th: Logan Martin, Ripley; 3rd: Patrick Smith, Meyersdale; 1st: Tucker Conklin, West Greene; 2nd: George Lavis, Buckhannon; 4th: Steve Mick, Fairmont Senior

 Weight: 152

L to R: 8th: Pat Murphy, East Fairmont; 7th: Cody Johnson, Lewis County; 6th: Alex Dunn, Williamstown; 5th: Billy Forquer, Hedgesville; 3rd: Drew Retton, Fairmont Senior; 1st: Henry Miller, University; 2nd: James Casto, Point Pleasant; 4th: Erick Hinerman, North Marion

 Weight: 160

L to R: 8th: J R Kerns, Lewis County; 7th: Cody Miller, West Greene; 6th: Brandon Warner, Point Pleasant; 5th: Randy Allison, Hyndman; 3rd: Tyson Bennett, Berkeley Springs; 1st: Wesley Byard, North Marion; 2nd: Ryan Ewing, Parkersburg; 4th: J. J. Mayer, Robert C. Byrd

 Weight: 171

L to R: 8th: Mike Kerrigan, University; 7th: Shannon Bowker, Meyersdale; 6th: Matt Watson, North Marion; 5th: Jared Weatherholtz, Musselman; 3rd: Andy Thomas, Parkersburg; 1st: Brent Hereford, Point Pleasant; 2nd: Kyle Pickens, Lewis County; 4th: Cody Reed, Berkeley Springs

 Weight: 189

L to R: 8th: Colby McCoy, Point Pleasant; 7th: Holden Roberts, Tyler Consolidated; 6th: Aaron Echard, Bridgeport; 5th: Pat Hoop, Martinsburg; 3rd: Justin Everhart, Hedgesville; 1st: Matt Lindamood, Parkersburg; 2nd: Morgan Murphy, East Fairmont; 4th: Mike Abrams, North Marion

 Weight: 215

L to R: 8th: Joe Jenkins, Lewis County; 7th: Michael Bryant, Riverside; 6th: Parker Deem, Ripley; 5th: D J Barberio, Liberty; 3rd: Sean Chichester, Parkersburg; 1st: Danial Hill, Bridgeport; 2nd: Greg Lyman, Hedgesville; 4th: Jenson Valentine, East Fairmont

 Weight: 275

L to R: 8th: Danny Herrington, West Greene; 7th: Seth Cook, Riverside; 6th: Shane Michael, North Marion; 5th: Heath Shirley, Point Pleasant; 3rd: Adam Queen, Bridgeport; 1st: Gaynon Bunner, East Fairmont; 2nd: Matt Bosley, Fairmont Senior; 4th: Zach Nolan, Parkersburg

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