West Virginia Wrestling

Steubenville Kiwanis

Date: January 6, 2007
Location: Steubenville, Ohio

Team Scores
Steubenville 212
East Liverpool 204
Brooke 164
St. Clairsville 163
West Geauga 86.5
Wellsville 81
Weirton Madonna 70
Weir High 65
Steubenville CC 40

Daniel Felton, Brooke was MVP and also a 4 time Kiwanis Champion

103 Championship: E. Nogay, W. Mad. p. C. Tingler, Stb. :51
112 Championship: D. Nolte St C. p.. S. Gianessi, Weir 5:11
119 Championship: D. Felton, Brk tf P. Foster EL 21-6
125 Championship: C. Springer EL p. C. Hunt, Stb. 4:49
130 Championship: J. McFarland Brk. d. Z. Androsko St. C. 5-4
135 Championship: M. Nogay, W. Mad. d. B. Giles Brk. 3-0
140 Championship: A. Walters, WG md S. Yockey St. C. 15-4
145 Championship: K. Nickerson, St. C. md J. Janselman, Well 9-0
152 Championship: 1. K. Riggle EL 2. TJ Brown, Stb. (5 Man Round Robin)
160 Championship: S. Reed, EL md S. James, Stb. 21-7
171 Championship: R. Crabtree, Well d. M. Markakis, Stb. 9-5
189 Championship: B. Busick, Stb. d. S. Gianessi, Weir 7-3
215 Championship: T. Aiken, Brk md M. Harton, Stb. 14-4
285 Championship: E. Diagosta, EL d. D. Kowcheck, Brk

103 Third Place: T. Gardner Stb.X d. D. Brumfield 10-2
112 Third Place: V. Ours, EL p. D. Birney, STb. 4:37
119 Third Place: S. Callarick, St.C. d. M. Flazzigan, Well 5-0
125 Third Place: S. Beavers, Brk. md A. Hobley, Stb. X 12-2
130 Third Place: D. Ice, EL d. A. Iachini, Stb. 9-4
135 Third Place: A. Iachini, Stb. d. D. Wells 4-3
140 Third Place: C. Taylor, Brk. d. J. Coil, EL 11-10
145 Third Place: J. DeVaul, Stb. ff K. Sonnie, WG
152 Third Place: 3rd. C. Scott, St. C. 4th. J. Mosti SCC (5 man Round Robin)
160 Third Place: D. Farmer WG p. D. Sarraco, Well :28
171 Third Place: J. Balzano, WG md D. Jones, EL 10-2
189 Third Place: A. Duke, Brk. d. D. Our, EL 4-3
215 Third Place: J. Costlow, SCC p. R. Rowe, EL 2:35
285 Third Place: T. Dunn, Stb. p. J. Bentiz, Well 3:59

Submitted by: B. McFarland

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