West Virginia Wrestling

Spencer Invitational Tournament

Date: 1/13/07
Location: Spencer Middle School

Team Scores
1. Spencer 34
2. Williamstown 22
3. Elkview 20
4. John Adams 18
5. Calhoun 17
6. Braxton 13
7. Dupont 9
8. Sissonville 7
9. Wirt 4

Individual Placewinners:

 78 VanBibber -JA    84 Whiting -Spen    90 Fisher -Spen
    Griffith -Elk       Kelly -Wil          Smith -Elk
    Cottrell -Spen      Whittington -Elk    Yoak -Cal
    Sandy -Wil          Garnes -Siss        Keim -JA

 95 Crihfield -Spen 102 Cottrill -Brx   110 Hickman -Spen
    Hottle -Spen2       Jones -Wil          Hanshaw -Cal
    Jarvis -Cal         Smith -Dup          Levitan -JA
    Morris -JA          Summers -Spen       Desrosiers-Dup

116 Walker -JA      123 White -Elk      128 Mefford -Cal
    McCarty -Dup        Jarvis -Spen        Edens -JA
    Collins -Wil        Bowen -Brx          Harper -Elk
    Lawson -Spen        Hall -Dup           Stewart -Brx

135 Laughlin -Cal   145 Bryan -Wil      155 Board -Wil
    McKenzie -Spen      Tinnel -Brx         Stone -Spen
    Tallerito -Brx      Kidd -Elk           Arnold -Cal
    Miller -Wil         Carpenter -Spen     Smith -Wirt

171 Hendrickson-Wil 190 Nary -Elk       285 Blakey -Spen
    Hutson -Wirt        Lynch -Siss         Coffman -Siss
    Martin -Wil         Tucker -Dup         Skiles -JA
    Bailey -Brx         Grass -JA           Mitchell -JA2

Outstanding Wrestler Award: Dakota VanBibber -JA

Comments: Thanks to all the teams and fans that attended. Thanks for all the volunteer effort that goes into this tournament by our parents and boosters. We're proud to be able to host it.

Submitted by: Wayne Jarvis - Spencer Middle School

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