West Virginia Wrestling

United States Youth Wrestling Association 2007 Elementary & Middle School Nationals

March 10, 2007 The HARV, Mountaineer Race Track and Gaming Resort, Chester ,WV

1ST THRU 6TH Place

Pre -K / Kindergarten
P/K 35
Zack Mattin OH
Dylan Pinkerton OH

P/K 39
Stu Jenkins PA
Joshua Maruniak PA
Zach Wilson WV
Kole Martin WV

P/K 43
Cole Mattin OH
Mayson Miller WV
Hunter Martz PA
Clayton Lucas OH
Katie Jones WV

P/K 47
Justin Perkins PA
Owen McKenna PA
Christopher Donathan OH
Anthony Rice OH
Zack Ward PH
Mitchell Collica OH

P/K 51
Dalton Mc Cune WV
Caleb Crabtree WV
Travis Murphy OH

Braxton Amos WV
Liam Fagan OH
Bryson Miller PA
Andrew Wiechers OH
Chase Makray PA
Jase Crouse PA

1-2 45
JaShon Hubbard OH
Brandon Lucas OH
Caleb Moore WV
Nico DiAlesandro PA
Hunter Burdette WV
Justin Taylor WV

1-2 49
Brandon Savage MD
Antonio Cavallo PA
Dylan Woods VA
Cole Miller OH
David Murphy WV
Dalton Farris PA

1-2 53
Drew Mattin OH
Bruce Harynciw OH
Gregory Quinn oh
Job Chrishkp PA
Jared Donahue OH
Marshall Keller VA

1-2 57
Spencer Lee PA
Curtis Mohney PA
Dalton Wilt WV
Jack McKenna PA
Austin Brooks OH
Khahil Messai PA

1-2 62
Noah Mattin OH
Allen Metheny WV
Kody Komard PA
Victor Marcelli OH
Gavin Wilkerson PA
Jeffrey McConn PA

1-2 70
Luke Strnad OH
Hunter DeLong WV
Chase Garner PA
Kaden Russell OH
Chandler Butcher WV
Robbie Bowers OH

1-2 HWT
Sam Meddings PA
Quent Thornton OH
Sean Bishop WV
Jody Crouse PA
Nyle Sams WV
Terry Adkins- Coil OH

3RD & 4TH Grades
3-4 52
Aaron Ehrgott PA
Zackary Donathan OH
Phillip Knopp WV
Cole Moore WV
Cole Greco- Lambie PA
Brendan Seeburger OH

3-4 56
Ricky Cavallo PA
Tony DeCesare OH
Jacob Spiess OH
Seth Hogue OH
Logan Ball WV
Tyler Kenney PA

3-4 60
Austin Assad OH
Lucas Simpkins WV
Cole Aaron pa
Joey Bowen OH
Riley White WV
Tristin Radcliff WV

3-4 64
Luke Pletcher PA
Jordan Allen WV
Kyle Luben PA
Keenan Davis OH
Nick Johnston WV
Jeffrey Basista PA

3-4 68
A.C. Headlee PA
Cameron Kelly OH
Daniel Hasson OH
Dylan Alexander WV
Adam Martz MD
Alex Shuman WV

3-4 72
Te'Shon Campbell PA
Spencer Nagy OH
Tyler McCafferty OH
Jake Shaffer PA
Dalton Hartshorn OH
Nathan Bebout WV

3-4 76
Freddy Stoker PA
Cole Ritchie WV
Demetri D'Orsaneo PA
Kyle Kaminski OH
Hunter Pizzino OH
Nicky Wrobel OH

3-4 80
Dominick Petrucelli PA
Matthew Pauvlik OH
Trent Mayes OH
Josh Leemaster OH
Casey Ritchie WV
Brian Baranowski OH

3-4 90
Drew Phipps PA
Ian Finegan OH
Rick Kollman OH
Tim Albertson OH
William Killiard NY
Jacob Young PA

3-4 105
Tyler Newhart WV
Justin Cornell WV
Scottie Edgell WV
Noah Flowers WV

3-4 HWT
Jonathan Bodkin OH
Joe Hensley OH
Christopher Trimmer

5TH & 6TH Grades
5/6 62
Gregory Warner PA
Ryan Bennett WV
Dominic Cart OH
Andrew Coghill OH
Cory Pucci OH
Shane Logston WV

5/6 67
Jonas Reaugh PA
Bubbie Jenkins PA
Kyle Dulaney VA
Jake Zemaitis OH
Austin Harris WV
Christopher Lemley WV

5/6 72
Jarred Simpkins WV
Willis Gruver PA
Jesse Young OH
Jason West WV
Colby Frank PA
Zackery Nalbone NY

5/6 77
Solman Chishko PA
Ethan Kenney PA
Aaron Assad OH
Brandon Thompson OH
Josh Bostic OH
Anthony Craig OH

5/6 82
Roman Bell OH
Alex Quinn OH
Jacob Breitenstein PA
Nick Gavazzi PA
Jordan Braniff WV
Brandon Pavlich OH

5/6 87
Anthony Collica OH
Briar Shively WV
Jordan Simpson AL
Jake Smith WV
Dylan Kager OH
Tony Daily OH

5/6 95
Tyler Haines PA
Lucas Marcelli OH
Nick McGinley DE
Gabe Stark OH
Daniel Reagan NY
Jose Ortiz PA

5/6 105
Garrett Hypes WV
Michael Belknap OH
Jacob Worthington OH
Tyler Richards WV
Austin Hileman WV
Drake Mills WV

5/6 115
Tyler Fahrer OH
Aaron Savage MD
Adam Mickelson PA
Seth Lewis WV
Jacob Zelasko OH
Derek Wilt WV

5/6 125
Cody Wiercioch PA
Jared Haught WV
Gage Finegan OH
Charlie Keenan OH
Peter Cianchetti NY
Keamus Schuhlen PA

5/6 HWT
Evin Sams WV
Chris Weber OH
Alexander Farrow OH
Ryan Kennady WV
Jacob Wendling
Joe Morrison OH

7th & 8th Grades
7/8 75
Nathan Tomasello OH
Tyler Roberts PA
John Archangelo DE
Preston Harris WV
Jarod Barker WV
Bryce Gainer WV

7/8 80
Evan Krumheuer OH
George DiCamillo
Aaron Roberts
Dylan Cottrell

7/8 85
Alex Benedict OH
Johnny McComas OH
Michael Ratay OH
Jayden Rice PA
Dylan Henson OH
J.D. Sampson OH

7/8 90
Kyle Bauer WV
Devin Wohrle OH
Logan Bosley VA
Eric Jones PA
Trevor Florucci OH
Zac Lynch OH

7/8 95
David Jeffrey WV
Seth Powers OH
Justin Yoak WV
Michael Mercer OH
Barrett Evans WV
Tom Patterson MD

7/8 100
Zachary Towers PA
Josh Fisher WV
Ben Johnson PA
Brady Gaynor MD
Jordan Burkhart OH
Tony Nickle PA

7/8 105
Zach Daily OH
Anthony Pitrarca PA
Rob Reed OH
Bryar Pletcher
Brandon Vorous PA
Corbin White WV

7/8 112
Jakob Scheffel MD
Louden Goodpastor WV
Justin Goode WV
Brad Hickman WV
Cory Ratliff WV
Josh Seldenwright OH

7/8 119
Justin McCarty WV
Ryan Hinerman WV
Adam Fasnacht LH
Cory Johnson OH
Mark Mazzella WV
Jacob Higgins WV

7/8 126
Danny Collier OH
Dylan Dunlap OH
Christopher Little PA
Nathan Rosenberger OH
Micah Stone OH
Mitchel Kwitck CA

7/8 134
Cheney Matarrese OH
Ben Laughlin WV
Jaren Magon PA
Zachary Lusher WV
Cory Szabo WV
Derrick Zavatsky

7/8 142
Alex Utley OH
Ethan Snyder OH
Ian Weidner OH
Garrett Linton OH
Josh Federico OH
Christopher Brent WV

7/8 155
Tanner Whyte WV
Tyler Miles VA
Caden Arnold WV
Carl Weaver OH
Anthony Cornell WV

7/8 170
Jordan McCune OH
Brian Kahl OH
Michael Haman CA
Tanner Shoemaker WV
Kevin Thompson PA
Tomas Patti NY

7/8 HWT
Curtis VanDyke WV
Chuck Lynch WV
Chase Coffman WV
Daniel Lane PA

Thanks to all of the patient competitors and spectators- next we will guarantee 8 mats minimum!!! We know that this years tournament lasted way too long and we apologize. The wrestling was great though! Most of the matches went the full length - as the kids wrestled their hardest. We appreciate everyones participation and look forward to seeing you next year. A special thank you to Nick Busick and The Mountaineer Racetrack and Gaming Resort for providing the wonderful facilities and hotel accommodations. Also to the event staff who we couldn't do this tournament without their help.

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